boy, have i been waiting to write this post! this collaboration has been in the making for about 5 months, and i finally get to share it with you guys! earlier in the year, i stumbled on an instagram account, rubit tattoos, and was totally blown away by the hand-drawn temporary tattoos shira had created on her etsy shop. through some friendly emailing, we decided to collaborate and eventually bring you the post you're reading today! you may have already seen some sneak peeks of shira's creation on my instagram (like here, here, and here), but i'm so excited to bring you some never-before-seen pictures my good friends dana and julia of disparate youth  and i captured a few weeks ago, and some from our spring break trip to arizona

shira was so great to work with! not only does she sell pre-made designs, she also sells custom tattoos! i asked her to make some geometric ones and maybe a pineapple and she now sells them in her shop! head on over to check out all of her latest creations that are perfect for summer! -m
to see more of shira and rubit tattoos, click the links below
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wow, has this week been crazy. crazy and slow. finals are next week and we all know that pressure. anyway, last sunday i ventured into the woods with some good friends and my sister for a product shoot (coming really soon!) and decided to document the day for the handy-but-almost-never-posted-in category of photoshoot journal.

 i had been to the forest preserve near my house tons of times, but never to this area! we found a roped off brick house-like structure with stairs leading to an upper roof balcony that looked over a clearing. there were two areas with locked gates that swung out if unlocked. little did we know we were on top of an old toboggan run! 

 marveling over an awesome photo ^^

 we later moved on down a small bike path to capture some different scenery. 

we captured some really good shots that i can't wait to share with you guys! stay tuned next week! -m


have you ever had those days where you crave something so badly and won't stop until you get it? i had one of those days. i needed a donut. and whyyyy would you go and buy one? no. too mainstream molly. you have to make your own. so i open up the cabinet where we keep all the cookie sheets, brownie/casserole dishes and the donut pan WASN'T THERE. ok, no big deal, but i was sightly angry. it's gotta be around here for sure. fast forward to 20 minutes of searching, i was starting to get hangry. and then, (cue angel chorus) i found it! in a box of random christmas decorations. don't ask people. my donut dreams could now be fulfilled.

my sister claire lent a hand and we filled the tins with a cake frosting tool to get the batter evenly distributed. we followed this recipe.

 frosting the donuts was easier than we expected. mix equal parts powdered sugar and milk and food coloring!

and to answer the question i know you've all been asking throughout this post is was my donut craving satisfied? the answer is yes. (but is it really though?) -m


the thankfulness i have for these people is unimaginable. being with them, it's the best. cherishing every moment we get together is something we try to do always. i snapped some photos of our half-week together, and edited them using the a beautiful mess lightroom actions pack. they do work wonders my friends. here are a few of my faves.

 we spent wednesday downtown walking and exploring, and then headed over to macy's and ate at the walnut room. one of my family's favorite traditions.

shooting a little video for you guys - stay tuned!

happy thanksgiving guys. thanks so much for your support and love during this first blogging year. xo. molly.



over last weekend, i drove up to wisconsin to visit one of my very best friends, natalie. we've known each other since birth, and we're only born four days apart! i loved spending time with her, and since she's in wi and i'm here in il, we jump at every chance we have to see each other.

nat lives in the most amazing vacation town. there are so many photoshoot spots - more than you could count. every corner is occupied by a cute boutique or wooded path.

 dress - h&m (my color is no loner sold), glasses - warby parker
we took a little walk down one of our favorite trails before i had to head back home. i love the plant life, the secret hideouts - not to mention the amazing light in some of the tree alcoves!

of course, this weekend getaway was WAY too short. next time, we'll try to hit another boutique and another photo-op location.
well that concludes the second edition of photoshoot journal - i hope you enjoyed it. xo. molly


birthdays. i've always loved them. probably because i've only had sixteen, but still. i don't know what it is about them that make me so excited. i love the anticipation that they bring along, the planning that goes into them, the feeling of it being your day.

'kay enough with all the sappy stuff. let's celebrate. i want you all to know that i'm sending cake and ice cream virtually through your computer. it should get there right     about      now. got it? good. yeah i knew that was your favorite flavor. you're very welcome.
thanks for celebrating this special day with me! i hope we can spend many more together in the coming years! xo. molly

p.s. more on these photos soon to come!
p.p.s. dress from h&m, sandals from target.


i'm baaaaccckk. and it feels good. sorry that i've kinda been MIA lately... school starts this monday (ugh) and i've been doing errands and things to prepare. i've also created some other diy posts that i can't wait to share!
anyway, i decided i'm going to start ANOTHER series. (another molly? seriously?) yea. seriously. i usually post some pictures from an occasional photoshoot here and there, and to keep things organized i started this series. think of it as a journal of my photo skills. i'd love to look back and think, wow, i really sucked grew in the realm of photography. the first entry will be titled "ivy + ice cream". take a look and please please let me know in the comments whether i should keep this series.
 my sister claire and her friend olivia wanted to have a little photoshoot, and i offered to take some pictures. they wanted to match in daisies.

 whats a photoshoot without a little ice cream. (spoiler alert: it's nothing)

i know it looks like i have a spray tan on my legs, but i really don't, i promise. and yes, that is a napkin between my legs.
so that's how this series will go! like it? please please let me know! xo. molly

MAYFEST // a new DIY preview

may is one of my absolute favorite months. it brings such change and anticipation and good feelings. i love all of it. my town is so good at creating events for the residents, too. this year, they held their first annual Mayfest yesterday. they had everything from cotton candy to flower crowns. (that's what hooked me!) i headed down with some family friends and we checked it out. 
we have a huge lawn area called the Tower Green. this is where they hold all the events during all seasons. its a block away from my house and it's so cute to see all the kids have fun when they block off the streets and crosswalks. 
we stopped at the flower table first. here you could make flower bucket displays, buy flowers and hebs, and make flower crowns.

the ladies were so nice helping the little girls make their crowns. 

candy concessions and face paint. ^^
they had a few left over balloons... they offered, and of course, i accepted. 
and of course, when i got my picture taken, the littles had to have theirs taken too. :)

Mayfest is definitely a do-over. 
after the fest, i snapped a few pics to show you the new DIY coming this week.

 can't wait to share this tutorial with you! xo. Molly