my friends are the absolute best. sometimes they appear in my posts, but i never really say how much they mean to me. we tell each other almost everything, and do almost everything together. when I found out oscar insurance was spreading the word about the CDC's national girlfriends day on august 1st and the importance of keeping each other accountable for our health, i totally wanted to help out. 

 jam jam jam. i think it was justin beiber. 

during my freshman year of high school, i joined the cross country team. the friends that i made and i are still running and love to stay active. just the other day, my friend ceci shared an amazing peanut butter raspberry smoothie recipe with me. (i'll be sharing it with you, soon!) it's the small things that help all of us stay healthy!

oscar insurance is taking a whole new approach to healthcare by integrating technology and creating an easy experience for their customers, allowing them to keep a tab on their health 24/7. they've kindly put together a chart (above) detailing all the important checkups, appointments, and screenings you should have in each stage of your life! each small step makes a difference, and can even save lives! If you want to find out some more information on them, check out they new jersey and new york health insurance plans. cheers to a healthy future for you and your gals, and don't forget about national girlfriend's day! -m


*in celebration of national craft month (which was actually march! opps!!) this post is in collaboration with patience brewster, a fellow crafter! she creates textiles, ornaments (her most famous items!), and the like from start to finish! see more of patience's crafting here!
it was 2011. my mom had received a present from one of her crafty friends - a coffee sleeve. i thought to myself, "i love to craft and sew!" (i had just gotten my first sewing machine) and "i can totally make this!" so i did. and to my unassuming eye it was beautiful. (hahah GOOD ONE) then i heard of a place called pinterest where i could share my creation, and i was totally excited. buuuut no one repinned it. (WELL OBVIOUSLY! oh man, it was really a sight to see. terrible. if only i knew that then.) but i pushed on, and from there, i read my first DIY blog, started my own and posted the coffee sleeve (ouch), deleted it, started another blog with slightly better projects (still painful to look back on), then i started TLP, and the ball REALLY GOT ROLLIN'! i discovered an amazing community of people i would have never known existed if i hadn't made that horrid coffee sleeve. crafting has opened doors for me that wouldn't have been opened otherwise. i went from badly stitched coffee sleeves, to having joanns and elsie larson repin me! i sometimes wonder if crafting/blogging all the time is really worthwhile. i mean, i'm in high school, am i wasting my teen years? am i spending money for no profit? but the thing is, i can't see my life without crafting. i've brainstormed ways to keep my crafting career though college, with a job, because i can't see a life without it. that's why i craft. i'm stuck on crafting 'cause crafting's stuck on me. (insert bandaid and musical note emojis here.) that pretty much sums it up. -m


**this post contains affiliate links that provide compensation. all opinions shared are my own. thanks a bunch for supporting the companies that keep TLP up and running!
 claire's underwater selfie

inspred by @denisebovee 's instagram

jump in
the sun is shining here in arizona, the pool water is crystal clear, and i've got my favorite suit on. there is no shortage of pictures, and we've even got some underwater ones (see above) , thanks to the GO PRO HERO 3! a few weeks ago, my siblings and i piled our money together to buy a go pro. we chose the hero 3 because of it's beautiful image quality + it's wifi connectivity! you can send the pictures straight to your phone people! it's the greatest. we bought our from target, because we have a REDcard. not to mention, when you use your target REDcard, you get 5% off every purchase! that means our go pro was even cheaper! some more features of the REDcard are...
  • Free shipping at (no minimum purchase)
  • Extended returns -- 30 extra days
  • Up to 1% of purchases go to school of your choice
  • The online application process for debit and credit has immediate approval (except for some debit applications that require a few days to confirm a bank account)
  • REDcard holders can easily check their credit card account balance, make a payment, review past statements, check their debit card transaction history and manage their PIN. They also get to enjoy exclusive offers available only to REDcard holders.
you can sign up for a target REDcard right now by clicking this link here. the free shipping and 5% off totally add up, and i say it's for sure worth it! whether you're buying a go pro like me, or just buying groceries on a sunday night, the target REDcard can help you save on purchases big and small! do you have a REDcard? if so, i'd love to know what you think! -m


a few weekends ago my best friend lauren came to visit. if you've been reading for a while, you know what's up! lauren and i wrote this blog together (hence why it's called the lolly project. molly + lauren = lolly) until lauren started her own blog called unique & co! she specializes in card making. she's the anyway, we documented our little (and too short) weekend of popovers, hotels, and shopping with some photos and a little video. take a look below! -m


i almost made the title of this post: "they made me do it". not the staying awake part, but the posting about it. and no, we're not crazy. there's this thing called younglife, a christian organization for high schoolers, and every year they have this event called 7 to 7. you stay awake all night and drive around chicago stopping at sites like bowling alleys or pizza places.  the twelve hours plus the hours you've stayed awake during the day results in anywhere between 18-25 (!) the night consists of movies, trampolines, bowling, skating, pizza, god, and lots of tired friends. 

 giordano's is always the best. 

 this crew was the "they" i referred to earlier. they're ok i guess. 

 lots of instax photos were taken throughout the night. 

 kids these days. 

 oh, we also played bubble soccer. we'll say it was a new experience. 

 some of us fell asleep on the turf at about 3 a.m.

 this sunrise was the finale to a pretty tiring night. we came home. and we went to sleep. the end. -m


^^from bowling lasy night. i lost. 

2014. what a year. TLP really took off, and i'm so thankful for you guys and all these opportunities i've experienced and the lessons i've learned. a few of this year's most popular posts were:

  1. Pink Donut Coasters
  2. Inspiration Tuesdays: Hunter Green
  3. Polymer Clay Keychains

and some of my personal favorites were:
  1. The Apple Orchard
  2. The Perfect New Year's Hairstyle
  3. The Day Lauren Came to Town
  4. Canvas Succulent Planter
  5. Smoothie Pops: 2 Ways

i hope to make 2015 an even better year, filled with more posts, goals, and happiness. i've never been very good at writing resolutions, let alone keeping them. but i always try to make an effort, in 2015 i plan to:
  1. create more DIY's (!) - crafting and creating is my absolute favorite thing to do, and i started this blog with the intention of documenting all my diy's on this space. i plan to get my make on a lot in this new year. 
  2. take better pictures/invest in better camera equipment - it's crazy how much my ability to take photos has changed in 2014 alone. i plan to invest in a new lens (probably the nikkor 50mm 1.8f) and a wacom tablet to add a personal touch to my pics. i also want to post more in the PHOTOSHOOT JOURNAL tab. 
  3. learn calligraphy/watercolor brush script/hand-lettering - in the last few months i've started dabbling in watercolor brush scripting/hand-lettering and i've fallen in love. i want to take a class, keep experimenting, and possibly sell some prints? some hand-letterer's i love: eva black, jenna kutcher, lauren saylor, molly jaques.
  4. start a shop - i started an etsy shop about a half a year ago, selling hair ties. that train fell off the track, major time. i love creating, as i said above, and would love to invent and sell something wonderful. we'll see how this one plays out. 
  5. grow my blog traffic and gain readers/blogger friends - i have a few readers currently, and decent traffic, but in 2015, i'd like to gain even more readership and blogging friends that will last. 

i hope 2014 treated you well and that 2015 treats you even better. i thank all you guys so much for the support you've given me and the way you've helped my little blog make it's way. happy new year, and happy 2015. xo. molly


the thankfulness i have for these people is unimaginable. being with them, it's the best. cherishing every moment we get together is something we try to do always. i snapped some photos of our half-week together, and edited them using the a beautiful mess lightroom actions pack. they do work wonders my friends. here are a few of my faves.

 we spent wednesday downtown walking and exploring, and then headed over to macy's and ate at the walnut room. one of my family's favorite traditions.

shooting a little video for you guys - stay tuned!

happy thanksgiving guys. thanks so much for your support and love during this first blogging year. xo. molly.



do you ever get so hooked on something, you don't know how you lived without it? meet jess lively, founder of the lively show. the lively show is a podcast series about blogging, breadwinning, inspiration, business - you name it. almost every week, a new blogger/business owner is interviewed on the show about various topics.

i discovered jess from a tweet i saw while i may or may not have been on my phone in health class. joy cho, founder of oh joy, blog and business, was jess's most recent interviewee, and joy had tweeted about it. i clicked on the link, and here we are.

jess has interviewed so many influential ladies (and men too!) some of my favorites are above. ^^^ and i've already listened to joy cho, grace bonney (design sponge), and minimalist baker. it's so great to get personal insight from some of your favorite bloggers and women you look up to!

(you can subscribe via itunes - and if you listen, leave a review to promote the show.)
i hope you fall in love with the lively show as much as i did. and you better have a pair of headphones handy - and about 5 hours of free time! xo. molly


birthdays. i've always loved them. probably because i've only had sixteen, but still. i don't know what it is about them that make me so excited. i love the anticipation that they bring along, the planning that goes into them, the feeling of it being your day.

'kay enough with all the sappy stuff. let's celebrate. i want you all to know that i'm sending cake and ice cream virtually through your computer. it should get there right     about      now. got it? good. yeah i knew that was your favorite flavor. you're very welcome.
thanks for celebrating this special day with me! i hope we can spend many more together in the coming years! xo. molly

p.s. more on these photos soon to come!
p.p.s. dress from h&m, sandals from target.


my head's been in the clouds lately with dreams of my chicago stay-cation and my califorinia vacation. life's been a bit stressful lately, and thinking ahead to the next couple months really helps. i'm in the middle of planning both of these trips - and i want your help. where should i go/what should i do in cali? i will be staying near LA, and then traveling to glendora and the laguna beach area/san clemente. where are your favorite places to just chill, explore, or relax? where are the best tourist spots? where can i capture the best pictures? where are the best spots that no one knows about? i can't wait to hear. thanks for the help friends. xo. molly