wow, has this week been crazy. crazy and slow. finals are next week and we all know that pressure. anyway, last sunday i ventured into the woods with some good friends and my sister for a product shoot (coming really soon!) and decided to document the day for the handy-but-almost-never-posted-in category of photoshoot journal.

 i had been to the forest preserve near my house tons of times, but never to this area! we found a roped off brick house-like structure with stairs leading to an upper roof balcony that looked over a clearing. there were two areas with locked gates that swung out if unlocked. little did we know we were on top of an old toboggan run! 

 marveling over an awesome photo ^^

 we later moved on down a small bike path to capture some different scenery. 

we captured some really good shots that i can't wait to share with you guys! stay tuned next week! -m