i'm baaaaccckk. and it feels good. sorry that i've kinda been MIA lately... school starts this monday (ugh) and i've been doing errands and things to prepare. i've also created some other diy posts that i can't wait to share!
anyway, i decided i'm going to start ANOTHER series. (another molly? seriously?) yea. seriously. i usually post some pictures from an occasional photoshoot here and there, and to keep things organized i started this series. think of it as a journal of my photo skills. i'd love to look back and think, wow, i really sucked grew in the realm of photography. the first entry will be titled "ivy + ice cream". take a look and please please let me know in the comments whether i should keep this series.
 my sister claire and her friend olivia wanted to have a little photoshoot, and i offered to take some pictures. they wanted to match in daisies.

 whats a photoshoot without a little ice cream. (spoiler alert: it's nothing)

i know it looks like i have a spray tan on my legs, but i really don't, i promise. and yes, that is a napkin between my legs.
so that's how this series will go! like it? please please let me know! xo. molly