have you ever had those days where you crave something so badly and won't stop until you get it? i had one of those days. i needed a donut. and whyyyy would you go and buy one? no. too mainstream molly. you have to make your own. so i open up the cabinet where we keep all the cookie sheets, brownie/casserole dishes and the donut pan WASN'T THERE. ok, no big deal, but i was sightly angry. it's gotta be around here for sure. fast forward to 20 minutes of searching, i was starting to get hangry. and then, (cue angel chorus) i found it! in a box of random christmas decorations. don't ask people. my donut dreams could now be fulfilled.

my sister claire lent a hand and we filled the tins with a cake frosting tool to get the batter evenly distributed. we followed this recipe.

 frosting the donuts was easier than we expected. mix equal parts powdered sugar and milk and food coloring!

and to answer the question i know you've all been asking throughout this post is was my donut craving satisfied? the answer is yes. (but is it really though?) -m