over last weekend, i drove up to wisconsin to visit one of my very best friends, natalie. we've known each other since birth, and we're only born four days apart! i loved spending time with her, and since she's in wi and i'm here in il, we jump at every chance we have to see each other.

nat lives in the most amazing vacation town. there are so many photoshoot spots - more than you could count. every corner is occupied by a cute boutique or wooded path.

 dress - h&m (my color is no loner sold), glasses - warby parker
we took a little walk down one of our favorite trails before i had to head back home. i love the plant life, the secret hideouts - not to mention the amazing light in some of the tree alcoves!

of course, this weekend getaway was WAY too short. next time, we'll try to hit another boutique and another photo-op location.
well that concludes the second edition of photoshoot journal - i hope you enjoyed it. xo. molly