Taking Stock

i saw this post on Abi's blog, and loved the idea. so, here goes. 

making : anything that has to do with plants (more soon!)

baking : cookies cookies cookies

drinking : a two-pump white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. (order it sometime.)

reading: If I Stay (also being made into a movie)

wanting: to go on vacation out of this country

playing: Skinny Love Pandora station

sewing: dresses

wishing: that i had enough money to buy things i want

enjoying: the slow summer days

liking: my life and where it is now

wondering: what the future holds

hoping: to repaint my room white - even though i just repainted it in March...

marveling: at the newfound beauty in things

needing: to want less...

smelling: the Method summertime hand soap in my bathroom

wearing: maxis, shorts, and my pineapple tank

thinking: about taking a blogging class

feeling: excited and motivated to save money to do so ^^

bookmarking: things for my birthday wishlist (Sept. 8th - if you want to get me something... :)

xo. Molly

MAYFEST // a new DIY preview

may is one of my absolute favorite months. it brings such change and anticipation and good feelings. i love all of it. my town is so good at creating events for the residents, too. this year, they held their first annual Mayfest yesterday. they had everything from cotton candy to flower crowns. (that's what hooked me!) i headed down with some family friends and we checked it out. 
we have a huge lawn area called the Tower Green. this is where they hold all the events during all seasons. its a block away from my house and it's so cute to see all the kids have fun when they block off the streets and crosswalks. 
we stopped at the flower table first. here you could make flower bucket displays, buy flowers and hebs, and make flower crowns.

the ladies were so nice helping the little girls make their crowns. 

candy concessions and face paint. ^^
they had a few left over balloons... they offered, and of course, i accepted. 
and of course, when i got my picture taken, the littles had to have theirs taken too. :)

Mayfest is definitely a do-over. 
after the fest, i snapped a few pics to show you the new DIY coming this week.

 can't wait to share this tutorial with you! xo. Molly

Brings May Flowers: 5 Springtime Bouquets to Welcome May

happy May Day! May is one of my favorite seasons. it brings about such change and gives good vibes. it the season of "it's almost summer but it's not". one of my favorite ways to display May's beauty is through flowers. here are 5 pretty floral arrangements for May. 

the combination of berries, leaves and blossoms perfectly accent each other in this springy bunch. (ruffled blog.)

try this: one or two buds in smaller vases, all laid out on a tray for instant perfection. (peaches & mint.

these anemones come in such bright colors. those reddish-pink would go great against white walls. (ory photography.)

pussy willows, grape hyacinths, peony buds, forget me nots, tulips. wrapped with twine for an extra rustic feel. (pinterest.)

sticking with pink is always an option. (bazzart.)
what flowers will you go with this May? since it's currently 45* here in good old Chi-town, i don't think any flowers will survive outside right now. and because of the crappy weather, i can persuade myself into buying more flowers for the indoors. i hope it's warmer where you are. xo. Molly

Easter Eggs: 3 Ways

as a kid i had always loved decorating Easter eggs. i wanted to capture that same love, but in a more modern decor sort of way. over the weekend, i did just that. (with the help of my friend Sarah)

  • eggs (i used a dozen, because they can, and probably will break)
  • push pin, needle, etc for hollowing out the eggs
  • bowl to collect egg yolk
first you want to hollow out your eggs. (if you aren't a fan of this particular method, just hard boil them) if you choose to hollow your eggs, take the push pin or needle, and poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg, leaving the one at the bottom bigger so the yolk can come out. (if you leave the hole small, you will have a very VERY difficult time. so just make it bigger, k?) now this is what some may find gross. over your bowl, blow through the top of the eggs, so the yolk and stuff comes right out the bottom. 

once all the eggs are hollowed out, it's time to start the decorating. 

  • paint
  • fine glitter
  • modpodge
  • paintbrush
  • tape
first, take one of your eggs and paint it. sarah and i found that the eggs need at least two coats of paint to get them completely covered, with out any shell showing. 

once the egg is painted and completely dry, take your tape and mark off the half of the egg that is getting "dipped". modpodge over the taped off section and add your glitter. once the glitter + modpodge dries, you can either leave the glitter matte (which i prefer) or modpodge over the glitter as a clear coat. (and PLEASE excuse both of our nails - we are very over due for a manicure!)
i loved the way these turned out. 

  • gold leafing
  • gilding adhesive
  • paintbrush
take your gilding adhesive and paint on the egg where you want the leafing to be. i stuck with the "dipped" look again. you can also do a patterned egg. polka dots or chevron would look really good. (depending on what your adhesive/gold leaf instructions are) wait until the adhesive is tacky to the touch, and attach your gold leafing. 

once the leafing dries, use another clean paintbrush to dust off any excess leafing left on the eggs. 
  • printed paper (i just printed it from a google search)
  • modpodge
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
take your printed sheet, and cut up the design. (i used flowers, so i cut out the individual blooms) when all the pieces are cut out, take a clean egg, free of dust and other dirty stuff, and start to paint your modpodge on the egg. TIP: don't paint the whole egg and then add the paper, because the modpodge will start to dry. place a piece of the paper and smooth it out with your fingers.
continue that all over the egg, until it is completely covered. lastly, add a final layer of modpodge as a sort-of sealant. and voila! 
i hope you guys have a great easter with your DIY eggs! channel that inner little kid and throw yourself an easter egg hunt. do it. you'll thank me later. xo. Molly

April Showers Bring May Flowers: 4 Ways to Bring Spring Inside

When growing a garden, why not grow it inside? Springtime is the best time to plant a garden, pickup some fresh bulbs, or just pluck some from outside. Here are 4 ways to bring a little spring to the indoors. 

oregano, rosemary, sage. all common spices you use in your kitchen on an (almost) weekly basis. so, why not grow them IN your kitchen. right at your fingertips. 

a white porcelain planter hanging from a white brick wall holding small white buds. perfection for anywhere in the house. 

brown thumb? it's almost impossible to kill these little cuties. and do i spy a possible neon DIY?

got an empty vintage teacup of teapot just sitting in your china cabinet? pop in some fresh blooms to give any room a new feel. 

i hope this inspires you to add some spring to your home. i know it always cheers me up when there are fresh flowers on my kitchen island. happy spring! xo. Molly

Saturday Six

whew! the week is over. it's been so crazy lately with our redesign! you guys like it? i really hope so. (it's a huge step up from where we were...)
here are some things i've been crushin on this week. (and yes i know it's Sunday. i totally forgot to post this yesterday!)
this jacques & gilles font is oh-so-amazing. (look familiar? its on our sidebar!)
this paper pineapple just gets me. i love it.
this pink and flirty dress is perfect for summer fests.
there's this new series on tumblr called Will It Beard? its super goofy and so fun to see what they come up with. 
 protect ourself with those crazy April showers with this flowery umbrella. (its literally called the April Showers Umbrella!)
i've really been lovin daisies lately, maybe because i just want spring. 

xo. Molly