MAYFEST // a new DIY preview

may is one of my absolute favorite months. it brings such change and anticipation and good feelings. i love all of it. my town is so good at creating events for the residents, too. this year, they held their first annual Mayfest yesterday. they had everything from cotton candy to flower crowns. (that's what hooked me!) i headed down with some family friends and we checked it out. 
we have a huge lawn area called the Tower Green. this is where they hold all the events during all seasons. its a block away from my house and it's so cute to see all the kids have fun when they block off the streets and crosswalks. 
we stopped at the flower table first. here you could make flower bucket displays, buy flowers and hebs, and make flower crowns.

the ladies were so nice helping the little girls make their crowns. 

candy concessions and face paint. ^^
they had a few left over balloons... they offered, and of course, i accepted. 
and of course, when i got my picture taken, the littles had to have theirs taken too. :)

Mayfest is definitely a do-over. 
after the fest, i snapped a few pics to show you the new DIY coming this week.

 can't wait to share this tutorial with you! xo. Molly