boy, have i been waiting to write this post! this collaboration has been in the making for about 5 months, and i finally get to share it with you guys! earlier in the year, i stumbled on an instagram account, rubit tattoos, and was totally blown away by the hand-drawn temporary tattoos shira had created on her etsy shop. through some friendly emailing, we decided to collaborate and eventually bring you the post you're reading today! you may have already seen some sneak peeks of shira's creation on my instagram (like here, here, and here), but i'm so excited to bring you some never-before-seen pictures my good friends dana and julia of disparate youth  and i captured a few weeks ago, and some from our spring break trip to arizona

shira was so great to work with! not only does she sell pre-made designs, she also sells custom tattoos! i asked her to make some geometric ones and maybe a pineapple and she now sells them in her shop! head on over to check out all of her latest creations that are perfect for summer! -m
to see more of shira and rubit tattoos, click the links below
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