i almost made the title of this post: "they made me do it". not the staying awake part, but the posting about it. and no, we're not crazy. there's this thing called younglife, a christian organization for high schoolers, and every year they have this event called 7 to 7. you stay awake all night and drive around chicago stopping at sites like bowling alleys or pizza places.  the twelve hours plus the hours you've stayed awake during the day results in anywhere between 18-25 (!) the night consists of movies, trampolines, bowling, skating, pizza, god, and lots of tired friends. 

 giordano's is always the best. 

 this crew was the "they" i referred to earlier. they're ok i guess. 

 lots of instax photos were taken throughout the night. 

 kids these days. 

 oh, we also played bubble soccer. we'll say it was a new experience. 

 some of us fell asleep on the turf at about 3 a.m.

 this sunrise was the finale to a pretty tiring night. we came home. and we went to sleep. the end. -m