do you ever get so hooked on something, you don't know how you lived without it? meet jess lively, founder of the lively show. the lively show is a podcast series about blogging, breadwinning, inspiration, business - you name it. almost every week, a new blogger/business owner is interviewed on the show about various topics.

i discovered jess from a tweet i saw while i may or may not have been on my phone in health class. joy cho, founder of oh joy, blog and business, was jess's most recent interviewee, and joy had tweeted about it. i clicked on the link, and here we are.

jess has interviewed so many influential ladies (and men too!) some of my favorites are above. ^^^ and i've already listened to joy cho, grace bonney (design sponge), and minimalist baker. it's so great to get personal insight from some of your favorite bloggers and women you look up to!

(you can subscribe via itunes - and if you listen, leave a review to promote the show.)
i hope you fall in love with the lively show as much as i did. and you better have a pair of headphones handy - and about 5 hours of free time! xo. molly