hi my name is molly and i really like churros. and i think you should like them too because they are delicious and awesome and cinco de mayo is literally in cinco days and these would go perfect with a fiesta. so  watch this video make some churros and celebrate mexican holidays with yummy fried foods! -m


a few weekends ago my best friend lauren came to visit. if you've been reading for a while, you know what's up! lauren and i wrote this blog together (hence why it's called the lolly project. molly + lauren = lolly) until lauren started her own blog called unique & co! she specializes in card making. she's the bomb.com. anyway, we documented our little (and too short) weekend of popovers, hotels, and shopping with some photos and a little video. take a look below! -m

A Day In The Life

you know in the summertime, when you have the perfect day, it feels so good. this is the perfect day in my eyes. spent eating good food with good friends. what is your favorite summer day like? xo. Molly

what we wore
molly: shirt and shorts - j. crew
claire: dress - old navy
gigi: dress - old navy

Field Trip // 02

last weekend, some friends and their kids and i headed downtown Chicago for a little field trip. we visited the Green City Market in Lincoln Park and Sweet Mandy B's. one of my friends was dying for the chance to take me down and show me around her favorite city spots, so we made a day out of it.


there was a cute music man that the kids loved. ^^
pink pants for the win ^^
the pies and pastries that vendors sell are amazing. i had a crepe. so good. 
we also went to Sweet Mandy B's, a local Chicago bakery. their desserts are amazing. 
thanks for checking out our field trip! make sure you check out the Green City Market and Sweet Mandy B's  if you live/ever find yourself in Chicago. it's pretty great. for the first Field Trip, click here.  xo. Molly