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 claire's underwater selfie

inspred by @denisebovee 's instagram

jump in
the sun is shining here in arizona, the pool water is crystal clear, and i've got my favorite suit on. there is no shortage of pictures, and we've even got some underwater ones (see above) , thanks to the GO PRO HERO 3! a few weeks ago, my siblings and i piled our money together to buy a go pro. we chose the hero 3 because of it's beautiful image quality + it's wifi connectivity! you can send the pictures straight to your phone people! it's the greatest. we bought our from target, because we have a REDcard. not to mention, when you use your target REDcard, you get 5% off every purchase! that means our go pro was even cheaper! some more features of the REDcard are...
  • Free shipping at (no minimum purchase)
  • Extended returns -- 30 extra days
  • Up to 1% of purchases go to school of your choice
  • The online application process for debit and credit has immediate approval (except for some debit applications that require a few days to confirm a bank account)
  • REDcard holders can easily check their credit card account balance, make a payment, review past statements, check their debit card transaction history and manage their PIN. They also get to enjoy exclusive offers available only to REDcard holders.
you can sign up for a target REDcard right now by clicking this link here. the free shipping and 5% off totally add up, and i say it's for sure worth it! whether you're buying a go pro like me, or just buying groceries on a sunday night, the target REDcard can help you save on purchases big and small! do you have a REDcard? if so, i'd love to know what you think! -m