*in celebration of national craft month (which was actually march! opps!!) this post is in collaboration with patience brewster, a fellow crafter! she creates textiles, ornaments (her most famous items!), and the like from start to finish! see more of patience's crafting here!
it was 2011. my mom had received a present from one of her crafty friends - a coffee sleeve. i thought to myself, "i love to craft and sew!" (i had just gotten my first sewing machine) and "i can totally make this!" so i did. and to my unassuming eye it was beautiful. (hahah GOOD ONE) then i heard of a place called pinterest where i could share my creation, and i was totally excited. buuuut no one repinned it. (WELL OBVIOUSLY! oh man, it was really a sight to see. terrible. if only i knew that then.) but i pushed on, and from there, i read my first DIY blog, started my own and posted the coffee sleeve (ouch), deleted it, started another blog with slightly better projects (still painful to look back on), then i started TLP, and the ball REALLY GOT ROLLIN'! i discovered an amazing community of people i would have never known existed if i hadn't made that horrid coffee sleeve. crafting has opened doors for me that wouldn't have been opened otherwise. i went from badly stitched coffee sleeves, to having joanns and elsie larson repin me! i sometimes wonder if crafting/blogging all the time is really worthwhile. i mean, i'm in high school, am i wasting my teen years? am i spending money for no profit? but the thing is, i can't see my life without crafting. i've brainstormed ways to keep my crafting career though college, with a job, because i can't see a life without it. that's why i craft. i'm stuck on crafting 'cause crafting's stuck on me. (insert bandaid and musical note emojis here.) that pretty much sums it up. -m