^^from bowling lasy night. i lost. 

2014. what a year. TLP really took off, and i'm so thankful for you guys and all these opportunities i've experienced and the lessons i've learned. a few of this year's most popular posts were:

  1. Pink Donut Coasters
  2. Inspiration Tuesdays: Hunter Green
  3. Polymer Clay Keychains

and some of my personal favorites were:
  1. The Apple Orchard
  2. The Perfect New Year's Hairstyle
  3. The Day Lauren Came to Town
  4. Canvas Succulent Planter
  5. Smoothie Pops: 2 Ways

i hope to make 2015 an even better year, filled with more posts, goals, and happiness. i've never been very good at writing resolutions, let alone keeping them. but i always try to make an effort, in 2015 i plan to:
  1. create more DIY's (!) - crafting and creating is my absolute favorite thing to do, and i started this blog with the intention of documenting all my diy's on this space. i plan to get my make on a lot in this new year. 
  2. take better pictures/invest in better camera equipment - it's crazy how much my ability to take photos has changed in 2014 alone. i plan to invest in a new lens (probably the nikkor 50mm 1.8f) and a wacom tablet to add a personal touch to my pics. i also want to post more in the PHOTOSHOOT JOURNAL tab. 
  3. learn calligraphy/watercolor brush script/hand-lettering - in the last few months i've started dabbling in watercolor brush scripting/hand-lettering and i've fallen in love. i want to take a class, keep experimenting, and possibly sell some prints? some hand-letterer's i love: eva black, jenna kutcher, lauren saylor, molly jaques.
  4. start a shop - i started an etsy shop about a half a year ago, selling hair ties. that train fell off the track, major time. i love creating, as i said above, and would love to invent and sell something wonderful. we'll see how this one plays out. 
  5. grow my blog traffic and gain readers/blogger friends - i have a few readers currently, and decent traffic, but in 2015, i'd like to gain even more readership and blogging friends that will last. 

i hope 2014 treated you well and that 2015 treats you even better. i thank all you guys so much for the support you've given me and the way you've helped my little blog make it's way. happy new year, and happy 2015. xo. molly

Bittersweet Change

so much change is going on in my life right now. good friends moving away. houses being sold. graduations. and most importantly, new developments with the blog.

as many of you know, my best friend Lauren posts here on TLP occasionally, with some pretty wicked card DIY's. recently we decided that our content was kind-of clashing and that maybe we should go our separate ways in the realm of blogging.  (i know the way i'm writing this seems like we had a very somber and sad/angry discussion.... we definitely did not.) Lauren has just recently created her own blog, Unique & Co. , and wanted to let you know she is still posting all her fab crafts. i also helped her add her own personality to her blog! we are both so excited to see where each of our blogs go in the future and how everything plays out. we hope you continue to follow Lauren and I in our adventures in the blogosphere! we love all you guys, and are so thankful for your support. muah!       xo. Molly & Lauren

p.s.   i'll will be adding new TLP blogging contributors in the near future. if interested, contact Molly at thelollyprojectblog(at)gmail(dot)com.  for more information. being a blogging contributor is a great way to test the waters of blogging, and to develop your voice as a new blogger.