Taking Stock

i saw this post on Abi's blog, and loved the idea. so, here goes. 

making : anything that has to do with plants (more soon!)

baking : cookies cookies cookies

drinking : a two-pump white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. (order it sometime.)

reading: If I Stay (also being made into a movie)

wanting: to go on vacation out of this country

playing: Skinny Love Pandora station

sewing: dresses

wishing: that i had enough money to buy things i want

enjoying: the slow summer days

liking: my life and where it is now

wondering: what the future holds

hoping: to repaint my room white - even though i just repainted it in March...

marveling: at the newfound beauty in things

needing: to want less...

smelling: the Method summertime hand soap in my bathroom

wearing: maxis, shorts, and my pineapple tank

thinking: about taking a blogging class

feeling: excited and motivated to save money to do so ^^

bookmarking: things for my birthday wishlist (Sept. 8th - if you want to get me something... :)

xo. Molly