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with the temperatures rising and the buds slowly showing themselves, it finally feels like spring! and we're pretty much half-way through april! (the clock needs to stoppppp!) with this newfound ability to be outside without getting smacked in the face by a 30* wind, i have been itching to go on a bike ride - anywhere! the only problem is, i don't have a bike. the one from public (above) is currently on sale FOR $200 OFF! so it's a big contender. jump on that folks! and happy spring bike-riding! -m


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i've yet again changed up the "inspiration tuesday" look to something cleaner, with crisper lines and more of a focus on the images. i'm liking it so far! anyway, with spring in full bloom (sorry, had to!) i felt like a post with flowers was necessary.  i love the look of big, full blooms in a vase, styled for a shoot, but i've never thought of carrying one ingle bloom as a wedding bouquet! it's different - but definitely in a good way. for more floral inspiration, head over to my pinterest! happy tuesday! -m


*while i'm off enjoying some much needed sun and warm weather, kate from clear the way has saved the day with your weekly dose of tuesday inspiration! give her a hand!*

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Hi there, readers of THE LOLLY PROJECT. I am so pleased Molly asked me to share a little of what has been inspiring me lately so I can pass some of my inspiration onto you. This Tuesday, let's talk about triangles! I love the simple, geometric shape and it fulfills so many purposes. This DIY triangle shelving unit from Whimsy Darling is perfect for a weekend project. Or why not treat yourself to a minimalist manicure? You know what I'm really thinking about, though? The food beyond that yellow door! This restaurant is Rayén Vegano, one of the Vegan restaurants I visited while in Madrid and home to some really delicious food.
What has been inspiring you lately?
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i've been thinking about my upcoming trip to arizona non-stop, which inspired this week's IT. i've been collecting inspiration images, buying new bathing suits, and emailing fellow bloggers to get the best inside AZ spots. have you been to arizona? i'd LOVE to hear what you thought and where your favorite spots are! shoot me and email or hit up the comments! thanks! -m


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i've really been crushing on wall art lately - whether it be a really sophisticated gallery wall or a super minimalistic oversized print. minted has a ton of awesome ones to choose from! and they come in so many sizes! i'm kind-of heart eye emoji over it all. (i'm also super heart eyes over their wedding stationery! wow!) hopefully i'll be able to fulfill my art dreams soon! -m

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