Brings May Flowers: 5 Springtime Bouquets to Welcome May

happy May Day! May is one of my favorite seasons. it brings about such change and gives good vibes. it the season of "it's almost summer but it's not". one of my favorite ways to display May's beauty is through flowers. here are 5 pretty floral arrangements for May. 

the combination of berries, leaves and blossoms perfectly accent each other in this springy bunch. (ruffled blog.)

try this: one or two buds in smaller vases, all laid out on a tray for instant perfection. (peaches & mint.

these anemones come in such bright colors. those reddish-pink would go great against white walls. (ory photography.)

pussy willows, grape hyacinths, peony buds, forget me nots, tulips. wrapped with twine for an extra rustic feel. (pinterest.)

sticking with pink is always an option. (bazzart.)
what flowers will you go with this May? since it's currently 45* here in good old Chi-town, i don't think any flowers will survive outside right now. and because of the crappy weather, i can persuade myself into buying more flowers for the indoors. i hope it's warmer where you are. xo. Molly