Saturday Six

whew! the week is over. it's been so crazy lately with our redesign! you guys like it? i really hope so. (it's a huge step up from where we were...)
here are some things i've been crushin on this week. (and yes i know it's Sunday. i totally forgot to post this yesterday!)
this jacques & gilles font is oh-so-amazing. (look familiar? its on our sidebar!)
this paper pineapple just gets me. i love it.
this pink and flirty dress is perfect for summer fests.
there's this new series on tumblr called Will It Beard? its super goofy and so fun to see what they come up with. 
 protect ourself with those crazy April showers with this flowery umbrella. (its literally called the April Showers Umbrella!)
i've really been lovin daisies lately, maybe because i just want spring. 

xo. Molly