it's that time of year again! when all the bloggers share with your their favorites from this year's nordstrom anniversary sale -- i promised myself i'd never conform to the basic blogger standards, but this year, the sale has got some awesome picks. + apparently raybans are on sale for the first time in the history of the anniversary sale? those are gonna be hard to resist! madewell also has some gorgeous staple pieces on sale, including my most coveted-over button fly jeans! scroll below, shop your heart out, or don't! regardless, i hope you're having a good saturday! basic blogger out!!


strawberry fields forever? try strawberry ice cream forever! MY/MO mochi ice cream [in the ripe strawberry flavor of course!] is the perfect summer snack, morning noon + night! i've worked with MY/MO before, + i seriously love them, + so does my family! they're so fun to eat, taste amazing, + are perfect for every occasion - from a simple lunch at home to graduation parties to movie nights. have you had mochi ice cream before? let me know your thoughts!! + be sure to check out MY/MO here! happy wednesday! :)

mymo video-68.jpg

film + post by molly garvin

this post is sponsored by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own


ever since i went to the taste of chicago a few weeks ago, i've been OBSESSED with chili lime watermelon. it's waaaaay better than you can ever imagine. it has quickly become my go-to summer snack + i'm definitely hooked, probably for life! i thought today, national watermelon day, was the perfect time to share it with you all! keep scrolling for the recipe :) 

INSTRUCTIONS for the watermelon

  • cut the watermelon into cubes + the limes into triangle quarters
  • place the watermelon pieces into the skewers; about 4 pieces per skewer
  • squeeze lime juice onto the melon
  • sprinkle on some chili powder
  • enjoy!

SUPPLIES + INGREDIENTS for the watermelon

  • one half of a watermelon
  • two limes
  • chili powder
  • skewers
  • knife

have you tried it yet? words cannot describe how delicious + refreshing it is! i've already got friends hooked + errrythang. let me know if you test it out + how you like it! happy national watermelon day :) 

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recipe adapted from farmer's fridge


we're in full-on summer now, people! if you haven't found a cute suit yet, there's still time! i rounded up some of my favorite pieces, all under $20! i repeat --- UNDER TWENTY DOLLARS! i'm the kind of person that likes to buy a new bathing suit every summer, + i usually get the shopping bug around spring break time :), so having a selection of bathing suits that are guaranteed to not break the bank is a lifesaver. and with my upcoming move to california [more on that later!!!], cute but inexpensive suits are a must! just fyi, i own the pink + navy bikini + the striped one-piece + i LOVE them! i hope this little round up helps you find a cute suit that looks good on you + your wallet :) happy summer!

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backyard parties are my JAM. actually, any party is my jam, but especially the outdoor ones + the ones where you're the center of attention. [kidding. kind of ;) ] but seriously, gatherings that bring all the people that i love together are the best. a couple weekends ago, we hosted my high school graduation party + had the best time. press play on the film above or keep reading for a look + a recap! 

my sweet + talented aunt made all of the centerpieces the day of! we had the yellow roses on hand, and she basically foraged for the rest. ;)

^^ the same photo, four years later! YIKES

we might have had a karaoke machine playing music all night and it might have been the best thing ever.  

if you attended the party + are reading this, thank you SO much for coming! and if you didn't attend the party + are reading this, thanks for being interested enough to get to the end of this post! anyway, i'm off to california next fall for my next adventure - more on that soon! in the meantime, enjoy the video of the party [above if you haven't watched it already!] + also these portraits from the party, taken by my sister claire and images from our photobooth! 

film + images by molly + claire garvin