ice cream is a big deal for me. like, a BIIIIIG deal. i'm no jokester when it comes to everyone's favorite chilled dessert + i don't mess around. truth be told, in the summer, i like to eat a lot of it, but sadly multiple bowls of ice cream per week don't really align with a healthy lifestyle. enter yo2 - the most delicious, tastiest, guilt-free way to enjoy frozen desserts this summer, a.k.a. my life [+ waistline!] saver! watch the video above or keep reading to see how i used kemps yo2 guilt-free frozen yogurt to create two different sundaes for the summer!

INGREDIENTS for the sundae

DIRECTIONS for the sundae

scoop the yogurt into a bowl, drizzle jam across scoops, + sprinkle cracker crumbs on top.

DIRECTIONS or the sundae

scoop the yogurt into a bowl. drizzle the chocolate sauce on first, the peanut butter, + top with pb candy. 

INGREDIENTS for the sundae

  • kemps yo2 chocolate peanut butter
  • melted peanut butter
  • chocolate sauce
  • chocolate + peanut butter candy

seriously, i'm even more excited for summer now that i've been introduced to yo2! believe me when i say i tasted both of these sundaes + the yogurts alone, + they are no joke. and by that i mean the most perfect way to satisfy your summer cravings without guilt. win, win, + WIN! happy dessert-ing! [P.S. click here for a kemps yo2 $1 off coupon! you want it, you really do.]

film, post, + images by molly garvin

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