backyard parties are my JAM. actually, any party is my jam, but especially the outdoor ones + the ones where you're the center of attention. [kidding. kind of ;) ] but seriously, gatherings that bring all the people that i love together are the best. a couple weekends ago, we hosted my high school graduation party + had the best time. press play on the film above or keep reading for a look + a recap! 

my sweet + talented aunt made all of the centerpieces the day of! we had the yellow roses on hand, and she basically foraged for the rest. ;)

^^ the same photo, four years later! YIKES

we might have had a karaoke machine playing music all night and it might have been the best thing ever.  

if you attended the party + are reading this, thank you SO much for coming! and if you didn't attend the party + are reading this, thanks for being interested enough to get to the end of this post! anyway, i'm off to california next fall for my next adventure - more on that soon! in the meantime, enjoy the video of the party [above if you haven't watched it already!] + also these portraits from the party, taken by my sister claire and images from our photobooth! 

film + images by molly + claire garvin