movies are definitely my jam. i love going to the theater and watching all the different trailers before the actual feature even begins, and adding the movies i want to see next to my ever-changing list. when i heard that the drive-in near us was playing a few good flicks, some friends and i decided to make the trip out there and cross some of the movies off the list. 

once we bought our tickets, pulled in, and found a parking place, we unloaded the candy, pillows, popcorn, and string lights out of the car so we could set up our viewing spot!

omg guys popcorn is just SO funny!

you know what else is my jam? soft (and cute!!) sheets. i discovered bedface through instagram around the time i redid my bedroom, and i (selfishly) wanted some new sheets to complete the vibe! i asked them to collab, and fell more in love with the brand when i received the package! their motto is "the best damn sheets on the internet", and it's nowhere near false! i ordered a grey queen sheet set and a few different pillow case sets in citron, lilac, blue, and white. the package came also came with two packs of unpopped popcorn, which we thoroughly enjoyed during the movie! 

the pillows totally made our night better, and the sheets are definitely one of my favorite sets to sleep on. they have some great colors to choose from, plus they sell sets containing sheets and a duvet cover that you can purchase in a custom or pre-selected color scheme! they generously gave a special code to T+T readers allowing you guys to get 15% off your purchase, just in time for the start of a new school year! (use the code THIS+THAT) head to bedface's site to take a look around while i enjoy the best damn sheets on the internet! (with a movie, of course) happy monday!