i'm heading to the warm, sandy, western shores of california in about two weeks for some much needed vacation time. spring break can not come any sooner. we've all been cooped up here in chicago, + mother nature has been such a tease, tossing in a few 60 degree days, only to follow up with some freezing snow days. i've only been to california one time, other than this + i'm so freakin' pumped to be back. my whole family is flying into LAX, spending a few days there, then driving up the coast through big sur and ending the trip with a few day in san francisco! to say that i'm excited is an understatement. there aren't enough words to describe me feelings towards this trip I'M SO READY FOR SUN. also, can we talk abaout how amazing that mara hoffman suit is? seriously --- gold. + just picture yourself on the beach, staring out into the salty, windy waves with that moroccan bag [with the best hint of blush on the straps!!!!] over your shoulder. so so so good. do you have any spring break/vacation essentials that you can't live without? i'd love to know!

post + graphic by molly garvin