it has been a hot minute (or a hot 10 months ago to be exact) since i posted a DIY on this blog. i used to only post DIY projects! but time has passed + things have since changed, but projects are still some of my favorite posts to come up with + create. when i was at the craft store a while back, i stumbled upon these gorgeous gold hoops + knew i needed to use them in some way! [the whole thing costs under $10 - so W I N !]

yarn wall hanging-14.jpg

DIRECTIONS for the hanging

  1. begin by brainstorming the layout of your rings + yarn. i wasn't 100% sure what i wanted my piece to look like, but with a little brainstorming i went with this simple option!
  2. cut your yarn pieces. i always cut them longer than i want so i can trim them to a more exact length when it's all said + done!
  3. fold your yarn in half + wrap it around the hoops to create tassels.
  4. use your creative imagination to arrange the yarn + hoops in any way your heart desires. this is where the hot glue may come in handy.

SUPPLIES for the hanging

  • gold hoops in varying sizes
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • hot glue [if desired]

+ that's really it! sorry for the vauge-ish instructions but [as stated in the name] it's pretty simple! i'm all for cute, inexpensive pieces that add life to a space - this one has made it's home here above the desk very quickly - i hope you can find one for yours, too! happy creating!

diy concept by molly garvin

post + images by molly garvin


pom earrings model shots-213.jpg

would you believe me if i said i've been trying to publish this post since last december? ya... things are going great over here! but in all seriousness, i think this may be one of my favorite posts i've ever done. these photos are so good you guys - SO GOOD! + these earrings are so good. everytime i wear them i get compliments. one lady even made me move my head back + forth so she could she them swing, ha! keep scrolling for the full DIY as well as a multitude of photos :) #oversharer

pom earrings model shots-7.jpg
pom earrings model shots-19.jpg

DIRECTIONS for the earrings

  1. begin by 
  2. use the pliers to open a jump ring + thread the hole of the straight post onto the ring
  3. place the jump ring + post combo onto the earring hook
  4. place a little glue onto the end of the post + insert into the center of your pom-pom. 
  5. let dry + look fly!!

SUPPLIES for the earrings

  • yarn
  • scissors
  • pom-pom maker [optional]
  • hot/super glue
  • earring hooks
  • jump rings
  • long straight jewelry posts
  • jewelry pliers
pom-pom earrings-2.jpg
pom-pom earrings-3.jpg

^^^^ the photos from december

pom earrings model shots-163.jpg
pom earrings model shots-186.jpg

^^^ look at those two --- babes, i tell ya, babes! 

^^^ it's always a party with my bestie! long-time readers might recognize lauren, my tried + true gal pal --- she started this blog with me + is still down to help out + model for my silly DIYs while she's in town. love you, friend!!

^^^ also, can we talk about this cute moped?! my dad found it on craigslist + we've fallen it love. especially him - it's like his baby! i literally think he loves it more than his children ;)

pom earrings model shots-108.jpg

i hope you liked this little DIY + are inspired to whip some up yo'self! these types of earrings can be sold for $200 + i think i made mine for about $4! they seriously look great with any outfit, + i truly get compliments on them all the time. also, if you made it this far, thanks! i know there were a lot of pictures, haha! anyway, happy pom-ing!

squarespace divider.jpg

post + diy by molly garvin

images by molly + claire garvin

modeling by molly garvin, claire garvin, lauren baukus


a little after the fourth of july, i received an email from vsco, and i literally jumped out of my seat.  after taking a chill pill or to, i opened it up and read it. they asked me to create a diy project for one of vsco's branches, max journal, and i immediately said yes! after a bit of brainstorming, we decided on a project, and i got to work. it was finally published last thursday, but goes live on vsco's main social media accounts today! to see the full post, head on over to max journal

project assistant: claire garvin

model: sarah lehmann

denim: thrifted


i'm LOVING that pins and patches are coming back. i found the cutest copper and glass container from target, which housed my flair collection as it grew. though, after i kinda forgot they were there and the pins started collecting dust from not being worn, i knew it was time to find a different method of storing them. i wanted to have them out in the open so i'd remember they were there, and actually wear them. thus, this cute little DIY was born! 

INSTRUCTIONS for the diy

  1. begin by cutting your felt. i cut a 15 in x 15 in square and trimmed off the edges, but you could totally do like a pennant flag shape, or keep it square, or cut a circle... the possibilities are endless! 
  2. fold the top of your felt square over it, leaving room for the dowel
  3. glue down the fold, and insert your dowel, then snip off the corners
  4. cut a piece or yarn ( mine was about 24 in long) and tie on both ends of the dowel

SUPPLIES for the diy

  • felt
  • scissors
  • wooden dowel
  • glue gun
  • yarn
  • pins!
flair pin storage-15.jpg

once you've finished all the steps, add your pins and hang it on up!

flair pin storage-24.jpg

if you're looking for a few pins to start your collection, or just an excuse to make this DIY (wink wink), i highly recommend looking through's selection in their online girl's pop-up, as well as big bud press and tuesday basseni've got some old vintage buttons up on there too, and i love how they look on my wall! i'm definitely more aware of my flair collection now, and can't wait until it's cool enough to break out the jean jackets again. watch out world, you've got some serious flair power coming 'atcha! 


if you're following along on instagram, then you probably would've seen that i took a little trip out to colorado to visit my good friend lauren. near the end of the trip, we decided to take a day off and just relax. we rode bikes to grab brunch, watched some netflix, and just chilled. after a bit of chatting, the idea of making a video was brought into conversation, and we both were really determined! we brainstormed, charged the camera battery, gathered our supplies, and got to work. we didn't have a tripod (i was kicking myself - i ALMOST brought one on the plane!) so it's a little shaky, and it gets a little cringe-worthy at the end, but i love it, and i hope you do too!