some days just require brunch foods at unique hours. like 6:30 pm. but to be honest, brunch is okay with me at any hour of the day, any day of the week, especially when it's as good as fairground's. a few weekends ago, my cousin alicia was in town visiting, so we reserved a day to wander around museums + drink coffee + eat all the pastries. 


we ordered countless drinks + bites + while doing so, the staff was incredibly friendly + gracious, even with our three indecisive personalities - haha! they also didn't care that we snapped a million photos for about 10 minutes before trying our order :) i had been to fairgrounds before, with my friend sarah, + had to take claire + alicia here so they could try it for themselves. anyway, this was the time we had brunch for dinner + took a lot of photos. just thought i'd share. thanks ok bye!

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with my impending move to california, i've been soaking up these last few moments i have left in chicago. cups of coffee + netflix have been my go-to for slow mornings, + i couldn't be happier. cold brew has been my jam lately, + illy coffee grounds are the greatest for brewing!

leaving my favorite city is hard, but i'm super excited for this new adventure! i know i've been a little vague with all the details... stay tuned for a post coming soon, explaining the reason behind my move + more! cheers to delicious coffee, great cities, + slow mornings. happy monday! 

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the holidays are approaching faster than you think, people! i feel like it was just the fourth of july, and now christmas music is on the radio! (#notcomplaining) i will admit, it is hard to get into the spirit when things are so busy. in order spread the holiday cheer to all of us, i've partnered with Thermos brand to create a little hot chocolate recipe that'll make your spirits bright in no time. (and it's dairy-free, too!)

but seriously, how cute is that coffee thermos?! it's perfect for the holidays, and the vintage pattern is too good. by clicking the link, you can enter a giveaway to win your own products. let me know if you've entered, and happy holidays! cheers!

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i'm all for simple DIYs that look like they took way more time than they actually did. i'm also all for cute sparkling cocktails. (ok, i'm not actually for cocktails, because, you know, i'm 18, but i'm all for mocktails!! lol) with the fourth of july quickly approaching, i thought i'd survey the craft room (which is a freaking mess, btw) for supplies to make some easy drink stirrers. i happened upon some festive washi tape, grabbed the scissors, and got to work. 

INSTRUCTIONS for the stirrers

  1. tear off a piece of tape from the roll, about three inches long
  2. place the stick in the middle
  3. fold the tape in half around the stick
  4. cut to create flag shape

    SUPPLIES for the stirrers

      • patriotic washi tape (i only used red and white)
      • scissors
      • craft sticks (or some other stick to use as the basis for the stirrer)
      strawberry passionfruit fizz | MEUS-41.jpg

      seriously - so simple! they're the perfect little addition to your fourth of july picnic or party and they let your guests sip their drinks in style. there are so many different types of washi tape, too - endless design possibilities. cheers! 

      p.s. - to snag this strawberry passionfruit fizz, head on over to the MEUS blog