i'm currently four for four with belated fourth of july posts, but who even cares anyway! seriously, this holiday has quickly been making it's way to the top of my "favorite holidays" list + i'm not mad. there's just something about family + food + fireworks + festivities on the lake that can't be beat. [plus amazing sparkler photos --- keep scrolling to see them!]

i have been addicted to lacroix lately [like drinking 3+ a day...] + am feeling really validated because it has exposed that it is in fact pronounced LAH-croy. thank you very much, all of you who pronounced it LUH-QUA. ;)

i had been trying to make these watermelon stars for years now, + i finally executed it! i loved how they turned out + they were a hit at our big family picnic! [case in point below!]

the fourth 2017-20.jpg

after the family picnic wound down + everyone started to settle in for fireworks, we watched the sun go down + the sky transform into a gorgeous painted canvas!

this year's round of sparkler photos KILLS me. definitely my favorite batch, ever! 

cheers to you if you cared enough to read this post, ten days late! i'm probably the only one who will read this, as i'm scrolling through the blog archives in a few years --- so, hey future me! crack open a lacroix [gurl i know ur still addicted] + let the memories come flooding back. peace!!


yes, i'm aware that it's almost the end of july and that i'm posting our fourth of july recap, but it's finally on here nonetheless. it's a pretty photo-heavy post, and the video is a pretty decent length, so grab a drink and a snack - you're gonna need some rations for this one. 

every year, my entire extended family spends the fourth at the lake. the weekend started off with a bang - aka the yearly parade where people decorate golf carts and scooters and bicycles and floats and drive around the campgrounds. i was the DD of the golf cart this year ;) as you can tell, we go all out.

when we weren't busy turning golf carts into rolling USA ads, we spent the rest of the time on the lake. we tubed, paddleboarded, tanned, swam, floated, skied, etc.

this has to be one of my favorite pictures, ever. those are her legs, people! ^^^

you've got a little somethin' there, dude.

july fourth 2016-35.jpg

we had the most beautiful sunset one night. the colors were seriously unreal!

the day of the fourth, we had a big family picnic (see last year's here) as a late lunch. it's so special to have everyone together, from an upwards of 90 years old to one year!

this is my "who wants dessert?" face. seriously the best cakes ever. thanks linda!

july fourth 2016-38.jpg
july fourth 2016-36.jpg

we closed out the weekend with campfires, a firework show and some sparklers. happy birthday america! until next year, ya old buddy.


i'm all for simple DIYs that look like they took way more time than they actually did. i'm also all for cute sparkling cocktails. (ok, i'm not actually for cocktails, because, you know, i'm 18, but i'm all for mocktails!! lol) with the fourth of july quickly approaching, i thought i'd survey the craft room (which is a freaking mess, btw) for supplies to make some easy drink stirrers. i happened upon some festive washi tape, grabbed the scissors, and got to work. 

INSTRUCTIONS for the stirrers

  1. tear off a piece of tape from the roll, about three inches long
  2. place the stick in the middle
  3. fold the tape in half around the stick
  4. cut to create flag shape

    SUPPLIES for the stirrers

      • patriotic washi tape (i only used red and white)
      • scissors
      • craft sticks (or some other stick to use as the basis for the stirrer)
      strawberry passionfruit fizz | MEUS-41.jpg

      seriously - so simple! they're the perfect little addition to your fourth of july picnic or party and they let your guests sip their drinks in style. there are so many different types of washi tape, too - endless design possibilities. cheers! 

      p.s. - to snag this strawberry passionfruit fizz, head on over to the MEUS blog