it has been a hot minute (or a hot 10 months ago to be exact) since i posted a DIY on this blog. i used to only post DIY projects! but time has passed + things have since changed, but projects are still some of my favorite posts to come up with + create. when i was at the craft store a while back, i stumbled upon these gorgeous gold hoops + knew i needed to use them in some way! [the whole thing costs under $10 - so W I N !]

yarn wall hanging-14.jpg

DIRECTIONS for the hanging

  1. begin by brainstorming the layout of your rings + yarn. i wasn't 100% sure what i wanted my piece to look like, but with a little brainstorming i went with this simple option!
  2. cut your yarn pieces. i always cut them longer than i want so i can trim them to a more exact length when it's all said + done!
  3. fold your yarn in half + wrap it around the hoops to create tassels.
  4. use your creative imagination to arrange the yarn + hoops in any way your heart desires. this is where the hot glue may come in handy.

SUPPLIES for the hanging

  • gold hoops in varying sizes
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • hot glue [if desired]

+ that's really it! sorry for the vauge-ish instructions but [as stated in the name] it's pretty simple! i'm all for cute, inexpensive pieces that add life to a space - this one has made it's home here above the desk very quickly - i hope you can find one for yours, too! happy creating!

diy concept by molly garvin

post + images by molly garvin