i love wearing necklaces, but storing them is one of the many problems i face. after a long pinterest search came up dry, i got to brainstorming. i wanted something simple, but also really cheap and removable in a short time. enter: washi tape necklace storage. literally the most simple thing ever. 

DIRECTIONS for the diy

  1. rip off a piece of tape
  2. adhere necklace to wall (heavier pieces may require multiple pieces)

SUPPLIES for the diy

  • washi tape
  • necklaces (duh!!)

see?! it's actually insultingly easy. i love how the washi tape is easy to remove, so it won't take off any paint from your wall or leave a mark. it also looks super cute, and with all the styles of washi tape out there, you're sure to find one that fits your room!

while we're on the topic of jewelry, can we talk about rocksbox for a sec? when i first heard about rocksbox, i completely fell in love with the idea! i thought it was so cool to have different statement jewelry pieces sent to you each month. when they approached me and asked me if i'd try them out, i quickly said yes! see that gold tassel necklace on the bottom right? that's one of the three pieces i was was sent as part of my first boxes! if you're interested in receiving some gorgeous bling every month,  the generous folks at rocksbox created a cutstom code just for T+T readers! enter "thisandthatxoxo" at checkout for your first month of rocksbox free! it's the perfect chance to try out this necklace storage! let me know on instagram/email/blog comments if you try out rocksbox! i'd love to see the pieces you recive! happy organizing/jewelry wearing!