have i ever proclaimed my love for rollercoasters on here before? i LOVE them! i will never pass up a chance to take a trip to an amusement park. thankfully, we live only about thrity to forty-five minutes away from SFGA, and while my cousin and best friend lauren were in town, we decided to take the drive and spend a day at the park! and as aways, there's a film and lots o' pictures documenting our day!

we made it out of the house and into the car at around 9 a.m, allowing us to get to the park just a little after it opened. our first ride was raging bull, and in my opinion, it's the best roller coaster there! check out that drop!

each area of the park is themed a little differently. frontier land is one of my faves. 

i had never ridden the giant drop before, (think tower of terror drop, only once) and i will admit, i was scared. you can check out our ride in the video! (it's around 1:09) it was so fun, we rode it twice! 

checking out ride pictures :) ^^^

cousins cousins cousins ^^

after a good eight or so hours, we headed home, slightly dizzy and full of funnel cake. we may or may not have gotten lost on the way home... with the (only) driver being yours truly. we found our way though! and it added a little extra excitement to our already awesome day!

how about you? are you a big fan of roller coasters or do you just head to the park for the games and food? i don't think i'll ever stop loving roller coasters. have a great weekend! -m


am i the only one that gets giddy when i drive into the city? maybe it's because i'm a new(er) driver or a lover of adventures but i can't help it. every time i see the skyline my heart skips a beat. it's a good problem to have i guess.

my cousins were recently in town, and being the spontaneous bodies we are, we decided to hop on a train and explore one of the city's most artsy areas: wicker park. it was 10:45 am and we decided to take the 11:05 train. crazy, but we made it! while on our way, i decided to create a guide to the city i love so much, so that you could feel the love as well! welcome to episode 1 of THE LOLLY PROJECT'S CHICAGO GUIDE, featuring the amazing wicker park!

i've laid out a basic itinerary sharing where we went and what we did, and further in the post i've gone in depth about each spot!


  1. grab an uber (thanks to my cousin wesley's free ride!) and head to antique taco for lunch.
  2. walk to reckless records and browse 'til heart's content.
  3. pause for some improptu mural shots. (#ABMlovesmurals amiright?)
  4. continue down the street to eskell gifts.
  5. hop on some divvy bikes and ride to stan's donuts.
  6. order approximately 9 donuts and cry because they're so good. 
  7. walk to tom's roasting co. and marine layer.
  8. call an uber for pickup and return to union station.

ANTIQUE TACO 1360 N milwaukee st.

i almost cried tears of joy when we pulled up to this place, just ask my cousins katie or wesley, or my sister claire. after a hasty google search for good lunch restaurants in wicker park, we decided to take a shot at this seemingly cool taco place. and boy am in glad we did. it's the cutest, most artsy, little taco place i've ever seen! they also have an event space above the restaurant! right inside the door, there's a whole wall lined with cute gifts and souvenirs you can buy, like t-shirts and washi tape!

there was a good crowd seated when we arrived, which was at about 12:30. you order before sitting, and we had no wait. after ordering, you move to the opposite wall and fill your own waters in mason jars, grab your own silverware + cloth napkin, and choose a table. (they have outdoor seating too!)

once our food was delivered to the table (and we had taken enough pictures) we dug right in, and were pretty speechless. all four of us had ordered a different type of taco, and they each were amazing. just look at those photos! they have lots of options besides tacos, and the drink selections vary between alcoholic and non. we each ordered a blueberry agua fresca. they were gone in the first five minutes. #noshame. parting was a sweet sorrow. we'll definitely be back.


RECKLESS RECORDS 1532  N milwaukee st.

RR is literally a two-minute walk down the street from antique taco! i had heard of this place a few times before, and when i realized it was so close to antique we had to stop. not only do they have thousands of records, but they also have dvd's, cd's, you name it! it was so fun to thumb through all the albums and find the coolest cover art, song titles, and old records. my sister found one recorded years and years ago in the la scala opera house in milan, where she had just watched an opera two weeks ago! you can purchase and sell records here - it's defiently worth a visit if you're a media lover.


ESKELL GIFTS 1509 N milwaukee st.

unfortunately i didn't snap any pictures on the inside (there's some footage in the video), but take my word - it's like anthro meets urban meets city boutique. along with the best gifts, eskell sells really cute clothing, sunnies, and pretty much everything under the chic sun. i sadly didn't buy anything, but tons of stuff caught my eye! i'm making it a priority to stop at eskell and buy at least one thing. you can't go wrong with anything in that store!


let me just give a disclaimer on divvy bikes, lots of people like riding them, but after renting them on our adventure, i'm not a huge fan. (i'll attempt to give an unbiased review) the deal is, you rent a bike for $7 and it basically gives you a 24 hour pass to ride the bike anywhere. but there's a confusing catch - you have to check in the bike at a divvy station every 30 minutes. meaning if you want to take an hour long ride from point a to point b, you have to stop your ride and check in at a divvy station in the middle of your ride and at the end. (did you get that?) there's a lot more explaining on the website!


STAN'S DONUTS  1560 N damen ave.

i'd been longing to try a donut from stan's, and was thrilled when i found out they had a location in wicker park! after returning our bikes, we ordered some donuts and i once again may or may not have shed a tear because THEY WERE SO GOOD. they also have a whole wall of rainbow colored kitchenaid stand mixers. i got a chocolate peanut butter-filled donut, my sister got a shark week donut, my cousin katie got a classic chocolate-with-sprinkles and my cousin wesley got an old fashioned glazed. (not to mention we got a while 1/2 dozen more) not only does stan's have donuts, but they have coffee (intellegensia!!) and gelato. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. so good!


TOM'S ROASTING CO.  1611 N damen ave. 

my sister stopped in for a quick minute to grab a cappuccino. it's so cute in there! thy've got the whole coffee shop vibe down, with subtle merchandise displays. the coffee was served right away and it was delicious!


MARINE LAYER  1646 N damen ave.

i stepped in to marine layer for a quick peek inside. it's very california-beach-vibes. straight of the coast of miami! they have a trademark of the super-soft tee shirt, and they're very true to their word! all the clothes were super cute and the sales people are very kind! 



a little tip i learned from my friend - always drive with uberBLACK. it's a bit safer and granted, slightly more expensive, but you get a private driver that is constantly tracked by the uber headquarters. you can also get great insider city tips from the drivers - their favorite places, the coolest hidden spots, and more!


i hope you enjoyed the first episode of TLP'S chicago guide and are starting to love this city as much as i do. it's pretty great. stay tuned for episode 2! -m


yes i am fully aware that today is the 12th of july and that fourth of july was last week. that's why the title says happy belated birthday.  we celebrated the fourth for almost an entire week, and it was like a huge extended (really extended) family reunion. plus having no computer access or internet made it a bit harder to share our weekend with all of you! but here i am, and get ready, because there are pictures AND a video. bam!

each year at my lake house, the campground next door always hosts a fourth of july parade where people decorate golf carts, bikes, floats, scooters - if it has wheels, it's there.  we decorate two golf carts and not to brag but, we've won three years in a row. yeah, you're dealing with pretty much royalty.

my cousin has the prettiest eyes!

this year we started a new tradition of having a big family picnic on all the big lake holidays (think memorial day, the fourth, labor day, etc.) it's one of the best parts of the holiday.

i'm so lucky to call all these people my family. they are the absolute best. 

chocolate sodas date back to my great aunt - and even farther. i'll hopefully snag the recipe to share with you guys soon!

to finish off the night, we set the shutter speed and ISO low, lit some sparklers, and got some amazing pictures! i hope you all had a great independence day weekend, and happy belated birthday america!


here we go! the second and final installment of our arizona trip recap! if you missed part one, it can be found here. the last half of the trip was so great! warm weather, good food, and lots of photos. and, as promised, a video! 

 there was never a day we weren't at the pool - the weather was just too beautiful. and it was vacation, what else was there to do?

^^^i had this little babe on my wrist all week, thanks to my friend shira and rubit tattoos!

all the boug petals would fall off, usually into the pool (or maybe we put most of them there?) - so we grasped the opportunity and shot it.

the hotel also had courtyards and secret paths that we didn't discover until our fourth day there! big, open spaces covered with grass, flowers, and cacti. 

 i was in this bomber from piper & scoot pretty much the whole trip. whenever the nights got a little chilly, on went the jacket. (sadly it's sold out! :'(  hopefully it'll be back in stock soon?)

give me all the high-waisted bottoms. (those ^^^ come with a matching top!)

the bougainvillea made for a great instax background. ^^^

 on our fourth night, we headed to the tortilla factory. no words people. only the coolest outdoor mexican restaurant i've been to ever.  you can see more in the video around 5:17.

after dinner that night, we drove around through downtown scottsdale, only to discover that it was their arts night. there were live paintings, murals, music, and lots of celebrating. it was kinda like taste of chicago meets small town AZ. 

 on our last full day, we came across the cutest wild flower bush/adobe wall while walking to dinner. an obligatory photoshoot was mandatory. 

 after, we returned to the hotel for a live, traditional native american dance ceremony. it was definetly something worth seeing!

^^^ the lights made the cacti look like colored underwater coral.

our last day was short - the whole vacation was. and it was so great, we're planning a family reunion there next thanksgiving! stay tuned for that little adventure! and thanks for following both parts of our spring break in AZ! -m


giving the dress a test-run (or spin) ^^

 the best cupcakes ever. 

i originally meant to post this yesterday, but the easter morning brunch food coma hit me, guys. sooo, that was a bust - but here we are! after coming back from arizona on saturday night, our easter sunday was very chill this year. candy, easter egg hunts with friends, the best ham ever, candy, danishes, drinks, and candy. oh, and candy. (did i mention candy?) i hope everyone had a great holiday filled with family, friends, hope, and the knowledge that he is risen. -m
molly's easter look | dress: gap / shoes: old navy (similar) / temporary tattoo: rubit tattoos
claire's easter look | dress: lauren conrad for kohl's / shoes: nordstrom (similar)
see last year's easter post here + here


i've only experienced five no-school snowdays in my lifetime. now, depending on where you live, it's alot, or it could be a little. i'm actually sitting at the computer writing this right now during a snowday. there's something about them that makes the ickiness of winter drift away. during superbowl sunday yesterday, we were hit with tons of snow and wind, and we decided to make a day of it by snapping some pictures and making a video. 

it kept on coming down for hours. big, white flakes that stuck perfectly. the georgelos' came over and the kids built a fort like no other. they had me send it in to brandt miller to try and get it on the news!

it only took them about an hour and a half to collect garbage cans, snow molds, and buckets and build this thing to the sky. they even added an american flag from probably our basement but who knows.

the whole street was layered in flakes, an it made for the perfect wintery background.


here's the little film we made! press play below.

glasses: warby parker / scarf: american eagle / jacket: toms for target / socks: american eagle / boots: sorrel (last winter)

and all these flurries resulted in an actual no-school snow day! i'll add this one to my tally. 6 snow days total. -m


hey guys! i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas spent with family and friends, and lots of yummy sweets and pretty presents. speaking of family, over thanksgiving break, my cousin katie and i filmed a little tutorial on one of my favorite hairstyles, the milk maid/maiden braid. check out the video above for the full tutorial!
xo. molly

p.s. you'll most likely hear me call it both names, as they are interchangeable!