you guys. i can't even put into words how much i love the city. the drive down, the trains, the boutiques. the amazing donut shops. i love it all. my sister and cousin alicia decided to take a few trips down and document our adventures. 

^^^that's alicia. she's awesome. and she writes an awesome blog, here

stan's is the best place to go for a donut in the city. delicious friends. delicious. 

chicago also has the best murals. hot dogs, absinthe, and tom's coffee. 


take advantage of your cities. take advantage of the things you love. do them. experience them. have fun. go on an adventure. it's good for the soul. -m


this fourth entry consists of pictures my sister and i took during one of the last few trips to michigan before the summer ended. being at the lake is one of the best feelings in the world. one sunday after church, we decided to walk down and capture a few moments of our fleeting summer. 

there's always the prettiest wildflowers by the docks, making the perfect backgrounds or hat toppers.

claire & i have both been a little obsessed with hats lately. this maroon one is from old navy, and it's my fave! it's perfect to transition from summer to fall. which i cannot wait for. the crisp air, the colorful foliage, the apple cider donuts... summer is hard to send off, but fall is easy to welcome. -m


have i ever proclaimed my love for rollercoasters on here before? i LOVE them! i will never pass up a chance to take a trip to an amusement park. thankfully, we live only about thrity to forty-five minutes away from SFGA, and while my cousin and best friend lauren were in town, we decided to take the drive and spend a day at the park! and as aways, there's a film and lots o' pictures documenting our day!

we made it out of the house and into the car at around 9 a.m, allowing us to get to the park just a little after it opened. our first ride was raging bull, and in my opinion, it's the best roller coaster there! check out that drop!

each area of the park is themed a little differently. frontier land is one of my faves. 

i had never ridden the giant drop before, (think tower of terror drop, only once) and i will admit, i was scared. you can check out our ride in the video! (it's around 1:09) it was so fun, we rode it twice! 

checking out ride pictures :) ^^^

cousins cousins cousins ^^

after a good eight or so hours, we headed home, slightly dizzy and full of funnel cake. we may or may not have gotten lost on the way home... with the (only) driver being yours truly. we found our way though! and it added a little extra excitement to our already awesome day!

how about you? are you a big fan of roller coasters or do you just head to the park for the games and food? i don't think i'll ever stop loving roller coasters. have a great weekend! -m