i've only experienced five no-school snowdays in my lifetime. now, depending on where you live, it's alot, or it could be a little. i'm actually sitting at the computer writing this right now during a snowday. there's something about them that makes the ickiness of winter drift away. during superbowl sunday yesterday, we were hit with tons of snow and wind, and we decided to make a day of it by snapping some pictures and making a video. 

it kept on coming down for hours. big, white flakes that stuck perfectly. the georgelos' came over and the kids built a fort like no other. they had me send it in to brandt miller to try and get it on the news!

it only took them about an hour and a half to collect garbage cans, snow molds, and buckets and build this thing to the sky. they even added an american flag from probably our basement but who knows.

the whole street was layered in flakes, an it made for the perfect wintery background.


here's the little film we made! press play below.

glasses: warby parker / scarf: american eagle / jacket: toms for target / socks: american eagle / boots: sorrel (last winter)

and all these flurries resulted in an actual no-school snow day! i'll add this one to my tally. 6 snow days total. -m