yes i am fully aware that today is the 12th of july and that fourth of july was last week. that's why the title says happy belated birthday.  we celebrated the fourth for almost an entire week, and it was like a huge extended (really extended) family reunion. plus having no computer access or internet made it a bit harder to share our weekend with all of you! but here i am, and get ready, because there are pictures AND a video. bam!

each year at my lake house, the campground next door always hosts a fourth of july parade where people decorate golf carts, bikes, floats, scooters - if it has wheels, it's there.  we decorate two golf carts and not to brag but, we've won three years in a row. yeah, you're dealing with pretty much royalty.

my cousin has the prettiest eyes!

this year we started a new tradition of having a big family picnic on all the big lake holidays (think memorial day, the fourth, labor day, etc.) it's one of the best parts of the holiday.

i'm so lucky to call all these people my family. they are the absolute best. 

chocolate sodas date back to my great aunt - and even farther. i'll hopefully snag the recipe to share with you guys soon!

to finish off the night, we set the shutter speed and ISO low, lit some sparklers, and got some amazing pictures! i hope you all had a great independence day weekend, and happy belated birthday america!