here we go! the second and final installment of our arizona trip recap! if you missed part one, it can be found here. the last half of the trip was so great! warm weather, good food, and lots of photos. and, as promised, a video! 

 there was never a day we weren't at the pool - the weather was just too beautiful. and it was vacation, what else was there to do?

^^^i had this little babe on my wrist all week, thanks to my friend shira and rubit tattoos!

all the boug petals would fall off, usually into the pool (or maybe we put most of them there?) - so we grasped the opportunity and shot it.

the hotel also had courtyards and secret paths that we didn't discover until our fourth day there! big, open spaces covered with grass, flowers, and cacti. 

 i was in this bomber from piper & scoot pretty much the whole trip. whenever the nights got a little chilly, on went the jacket. (sadly it's sold out! :'(  hopefully it'll be back in stock soon?)

give me all the high-waisted bottoms. (those ^^^ come with a matching top!)

the bougainvillea made for a great instax background. ^^^

 on our fourth night, we headed to the tortilla factory. no words people. only the coolest outdoor mexican restaurant i've been to ever.  you can see more in the video around 5:17.

after dinner that night, we drove around through downtown scottsdale, only to discover that it was their arts night. there were live paintings, murals, music, and lots of celebrating. it was kinda like taste of chicago meets small town AZ. 

 on our last full day, we came across the cutest wild flower bush/adobe wall while walking to dinner. an obligatory photoshoot was mandatory. 

 after, we returned to the hotel for a live, traditional native american dance ceremony. it was definetly something worth seeing!

^^^ the lights made the cacti look like colored underwater coral.

our last day was short - the whole vacation was. and it was so great, we're planning a family reunion there next thanksgiving! stay tuned for that little adventure! and thanks for following both parts of our spring break in AZ! -m