my family only has a few special spots. you know, the ones that when you visit, you forget how much you missed it and the memories of old times come flooding back? russel's bbq and johnny's, located slightly outside of the city, have been faves in my family for years. my dad grew up eating pulled pork sandwiches and waiting in long johnny's lines for dessert, and anytime his side of the family comes for a visit, it's always worked in to the itinerary. last weekend, feeling spontaneous and hungry, we piled into the car and headed to those very spots. we grabbed russel's, headed to johnny's, ordered some lemon ice, sat outside, and let the nostalgia return.

italian lemon ice + fries = dinner for yours truly. ( i may have snuck a few bites of bbq in there somewhere, too ;)

these summer nights are what i live for. okay, i also live for lemon ices and barbecue sandwiches. but being adventurous with the fam is a pretty great way to make some nice summer memories. if you're ever in chicago, hit these family favorites up! you won't regret it. 


a few weeks back, i stumbled upon kestrel bags through instagram and immediately fell in love. soon after, kelly and i got to talking and decided to do a little collaboration! her bags are seriously gorgeous, and such great quality. i've got the line wire backpack, and i love it! i'm not one for carrying huge purses, and i love using backpacks as alternatives - this one from kestrel is perfect. last friday, my sister and her friend and i were craving some stan's (when are we not?) and decided to head into the city to grab some. while we were down there, i thought it would be a great opportunity to test out the backpack!

the donuts were fantastic, per usual, and the backpack was the perfect companion for our quick donut excursion. it's sturdy, functional, and beautiful - perfect for traveling across the country or just stopping into the city. to check out the rest of kestrel bags' products, head to their instagram or website!


2015 was a good year my friends. a real good one. TLP/THIS + THAT really took off, i captured so many more moments, made so many more videos that were so special to look back on. every frame in this film below brings me right back to that moments and all the good feelings associated with it. i have a lot of favorite memories from this past year, and i've compiled them all into a little film! i've also collected a few photos from each moment as well. 










twenty fifteen was definitely a year for the books. i can't wait to see how 2016 plays out, and experience all the adventures that come with it. 


i have a lot of workplaces. i work at a donut shop part time as the head of their social media relations, i'm a student, and i'm a blogger. i try to switch up my workplace when i'm in a bit of rut, and it does wonders. my favorite place to work is my bedroom, a little oasis away from the rest of the world. 

I think it's so important to work in a space that pushes you to be creative, but also one that's comfortable and fits your needs. when some friends at wework asked about my workspace preferences, i was all for talking about it! they're all about creating a space where creatives share a workplace. it's perfect for startup companies looking for a space to start, freelancers who don't want to work alone, and even large companies who want to shake up their work dynamic. wework has office space locations all over the united states (and a few brand new offices in London!), and each location is unique in itself. one of the best parts (besides the fact that some of the workplaces have outdoor patios and bocce ball alleys and shuffle board and screening rooms and even showers) is that the memberships start at only $45! it's an ingenious way to stay creative and prevent those uninspired times. where's your favorite place to work? would you be in to something like wework, or do you prefer to stick with the classic home office/coffee shop workplace? i've got some more inspiration on my pinterest, click here to view it! 

friday afternoon-21.jpg


i'm one of those people who is constantly thinking of ways to rearrange or repaint my house, room, etc. one thing that i always love to do (at the beginning of the year especially) is redecorate, because with a new year comes new decor, right? when my friends at chairish asked me to share how i'd (theoretically) top off my armoire, i knew exactly how to get started.

one thing i always make sure to keep in mind when decorating dressers or shelves is to balance out the height of each item. make sure the top stays symmetrical by adding a tall item, like those flowers shown above. to balance out the height on one side, add a stack of books and a clock on top. some of my favorite reads are darling magazine, the new bohemians, happy handmade home, see san francisco, city sage, etc. i also make sure that the colors of each piece fit cohesively. the gold leaf holiday print from minted and the metallic desk lamp from lulu & georgia are two pieces who's colors match each other very nicely. you can choose items with the same colors, contrasting colors, or complimentary. 

what are some of your resolutions this year? are you a redecorator like me? what would you put on top of your armoire? thanks to chairish for asking and getting me seriously excited to switch some up my decor! happy new year!