i have a lot of workplaces. i work at a donut shop part time as the head of their social media relations, i'm a student, and i'm a blogger. i try to switch up my workplace when i'm in a bit of rut, and it does wonders. my favorite place to work is my bedroom, a little oasis away from the rest of the world. 

I think it's so important to work in a space that pushes you to be creative, but also one that's comfortable and fits your needs. when some friends at wework asked about my workspace preferences, i was all for talking about it! they're all about creating a space where creatives share a workplace. it's perfect for startup companies looking for a space to start, freelancers who don't want to work alone, and even large companies who want to shake up their work dynamic. wework has office space locations all over the united states (and a few brand new offices in London!), and each location is unique in itself. one of the best parts (besides the fact that some of the workplaces have outdoor patios and bocce ball alleys and shuffle board and screening rooms and even showers) is that the memberships start at only $45! it's an ingenious way to stay creative and prevent those uninspired times. where's your favorite place to work? would you be in to something like wework, or do you prefer to stick with the classic home office/coffee shop workplace? i've got some more inspiration on my pinterest, click here to view it! 

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