last year, with the intent to make it a tradition, my friends sarah and ceci baked and decorated cookies. this year, keeping with the promise we made to ourselves, we got back together for our second annual cookie party. 

cookie party-33.jpg
cookie party-4.jpg

we used alison's cookie party as the basis of our cookies. we started out by making our dough, rolling it out, and chilling it, per her instructions. while it was chilling, we headed out for a quick brunch at a local restaurant. once we returned and the dough was ready, we cut out our cookies and got them ready to go. 

once the cookies were out of the oven, we got to the fun part. again following alison's recipe and guidelines, we frosted the cookies. one thing that i love about alison's cookie recipe is that the frosting really locks in the moisture. there's no need to cover them or put them away after they're frosted, because they stay nice and soft! 

cookie party-38.jpg

if you're looking for an awesome cookie recipe, i strongly recommend alison's. it's truly amazing and so delicious! there's only three more sleeps until christmas, but personally, it feels like its still a month away! maybe it's this warm weather... anyway, happy holidays!