i've been crazy busy lately but have been aching to create. i didn't get any time to make a valentine's diy or two, but i've rounded up some of my favorites. click on each image for the sources! 

the conversation heart ring dish is  probably one of my favorite projects i've ever made (from last year!). anna from in honor of design has some truly beautiful diy's... that raspberry milk? yum. have you seen any valentine projects that you've fallen in love with? (pun intended) or do you stick to store bought stuff around this time? happy almost valentine's day!


we're getting so close to christmas! here's claire, returning with some awesome stocking stuffers! passing off the gift guide baton... now!

hey friends! it's claire - back again with the third installment of the T+T holiday gift guide. this one's all about the stocking stuffers! i've searched for my favorite little gifts that will be the perfect topper on a wrapped present, or an awesome suprise inside a stocking. 

  1. christmas mug / forever 21

  2. white + rose gold headphones / forever 21

  3. getaway passport holder /

  4. mini tassel garland / oh happy day!

  5. softest face brush / forever 21

  6. sticker book /

  7. diana + meg edition camera / lomography

  8. peach lotion / urban outfitters

these gifts would make for the best stocking on christmas morning. i know i'd love to get any of these presents this holiday season! with these guys - you can't go wrong. -claire


after creating the first T+T gift guide, i asked my sister to pick her favorite beauty essentials for the next entry! i know you'll love each of her picks - so will all the beauticians on your list! here's claire!

when molly asked me to curate the second gift guide - one for the beauty lovers - i knew exactly what to put on it. 

  1. white + rose gold curling iron /  sephora

  2. green tea eye mask / sephora

  3. fresh sugar lip balm / sephora

  4. dry bar hair set / sephora

  5. naked 3 palette / sephora

  6. rosemary + willow oil / urban outfitters

  7. first aid beauty kit / sephora

the dry bar kit is high up on my christmas list, and the fresh sugar lip balm would be extremely nice in the brisk chicago wind! these gifts are be perfect for everyone, from the beyónce wannabe to the beauty guru. merry christmas! -claire


this holiday season is flying by! it's already the last day in november, and christmas is only 25 days away! so, to help you speed up some of that holiday shopping, i've curated some gift guides for all the people in your life! first up, the homemaker.

  1. set of three wooden spoons / gather home goods
  2. handmade sage bundle / p.f. candle co
  3. sea foam fiberglass chair / modernica
  4. chestnut crosley / urban outfitters
  5. yarn wall hanging / gather home goods
  6. screen-printed felt flag / flag fest
  7. linen pillowcase set / linen tale

all of these products have been officially approved by T+T :) just look at those linen pillows! i just bought a new linen bed spread that i'm in love with... more on that soon!  i know i'd love to receive any of these pretty presents, and any homemaker in your life would too. happy shopping!