christmas came crazy fast this year. we didn't decorate the tree until the middle of the month! once we finally got the rest of the decorations  up, it finally felt like the holidays. i put together a little video of our tree decorating - one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. 

we always wait until a night where everyone is free and head to our local boyscout tree market. right after we bring the tree inside, we dust off the ornament boxes and start the decorating. 

each year, my grandma gives each person in the family an ornament. they document a significant event or represent what we've done that year. my sister claire went to italy over last summer, so my grandma got her an airplane. when i started piano lessons in second grade, i got a piano ornament. we also have some handmade ones in the mix, and it's so fun to look back through the years and recall the memories. 

merry christmas eve! i hope you have a great holiday weekend filled with joy, love, laughs, and family.