even though it doesn't feel quite like it here in california,  F A L L  is among us --- which means sweaters + boots + scarves + hot drinks + alllll the colored leaf pics are among us as well. i'm not complainin'! i actually wish it was colder here in cali so i could fully surround myself in coziness, but in the mean time i've been adding as many fall colors as possible into my wardrobe, including makeup looks! to share the autumnal love with you, i've rounded up a short list of some gorgeous fall-inspired lip colors that are sure to compliment any chunky sweater or pumpkin patch selfie :)

squarespace divider.jpg

stilla / stay all day liquid matte / tesoro

colorpop / ultra matte lip / are n be

mac / matte lipstick / chili

fenty beauty / gloss bomb universal lip luminizer / shimering rose nude

BONUS: a mascara guide to rule them all --- compliment your lips with some pretty lashes!

if you've been following along for a little while, you'd know that i'm a  B I G  fan of any + all lip colors [see a list of my faves, here!]. i hope this little round up helps you complete your perfect fall look + fully embrace the autumn chill! cheers to sweaters + coziness + the holidays returning +  H A L L O W E E N T O W N  + apple picking + basically everything fall. happy lip-coloring!


beautifully wrapped presents are always in season. mother's day is right around the corner, + preparations are already starting to begin! it's never early to start collecting presents, or to start wrapping them. pinpaper press, a customizable wrapping paper company specializing in turning your pinterest boards, facebook albums, + more into sheets of paper! you might remember the post i did with them back around christmas --- well, i loved their stuff so much i agreed to do another. they had to twist my arm a bit, but i obliged. ;) keep scrolling for a coupon code off of your own order! 

this sheet of paper is actually from my "planted." pinterest board --- i LOVE being able to see all the gorgeous photos physically on one sheet together. i was a little unsure of what to print for a "mother's day themed" sheet of wrapping paper, but i thought the plants + flowers looked really good, especially for the spring season. [i love how it looks so much i might just hang one up on my wall!] if you've got an album of photos or a board of pins you'd like to print out with pinpaper, use the code MOLLY15 for 15% off your whole order. happy almost mother's day + happy wrapping! 

mothers pinpaper-44.jpg

post + images by molly garvin

use MOLLY15 for 15% off your order at


i'm heading to the warm, sandy, western shores of california in about two weeks for some much needed vacation time. spring break can not come any sooner. we've all been cooped up here in chicago, + mother nature has been such a tease, tossing in a few 60 degree days, only to follow up with some freezing snow days. i've only been to california one time, other than this + i'm so freakin' pumped to be back. my whole family is flying into LAX, spending a few days there, then driving up the coast through big sur and ending the trip with a few day in san francisco! to say that i'm excited is an understatement. there aren't enough words to describe me feelings towards this trip I'M SO READY FOR SUN. also, can we talk abaout how amazing that mara hoffman suit is? seriously --- gold. + just picture yourself on the beach, staring out into the salty, windy waves with that moroccan bag [with the best hint of blush on the straps!!!!] over your shoulder. so so so good. do you have any spring break/vacation essentials that you can't live without? i'd love to know!

post + graphic by molly garvin


i'll admit it. i'm a terrible gift giver. it's always helpful when my favorite website or blog comes up with a gift guide to fit your specific recipient - it kinda takes the work and stress out of finding the perfect present! with father's day coming up, i thought i'd round up some gifts for all the dads out there. to me, it's always hard to shop for my father, but with the help of wewood - an eco-friendly brand focused on bettering the environment - and my own dad, i've curated a handful of gifts to ease any tensions that may arise in the next few weeks!

  1. for the eco-conscious dad: wewood crux iroko crema sunglasses and kappa nut watch
  2. for the clean shaven dad: a shave kit subscription
  3. for the outdoorsy dad: personalized BBQ tool kit
  4. for the thirsty dad: stanley insulated growler and whiskey rocks

once again, i'm no expert on gift giving, but i do know a good brand when i see one. wewood's motto is "you buy a wewood, we plant a tree", and they're not only constructed from 100% natural wood, but the products are great. i'm sure any father in your family will love a gift from wewood, and by using the code WWFD16, you get free shipping and a free pin tool that allows them to resize their watch at home! head to their website and have a look around! happy gifting!


everyone loves a good summer vacation, don't they? the ocean breeze, the salty air, the sand and sun - it's all perfection. often though, it can be difficult to get away or actually commit to plan that vacation you've been dreaming of for a while. when my friends at douglas elliman real estate asked me to create my perfect florida room (basically a room that encapsules floridian vibes), i wholeheartedly agreed! what a fantastic way to add bring some paradise into your busy, everyday life, as well as your home.  

images source:  design*sponge

images source: design*sponge

my dream florida room would have a very bohemian vibe. (see the two images from D*S above!) think plants, colorful rugs, pompoms, and dreamy colors. in my inspiration board, i included just a few things that i though captured the essence of my hypothetical florida room. 

  1. vintage rug // coco carpets
  2. white living room // designlovefest
  3. pom pom baskets // MEUS shop
  4. throw pillows // UO // 1 +

what would be your dream florida room? what room of the house would you make it? mine would most definitely be the living room - a nice, open, airy, white room with big french doors that let in the outside breeze... i can see it now. if you'd like more information about florida rooms or elliman real estate, head to their website to check it out!