everyone loves a good summer vacation, don't they? the ocean breeze, the salty air, the sand and sun - it's all perfection. often though, it can be difficult to get away or actually commit to plan that vacation you've been dreaming of for a while. when my friends at douglas elliman real estate asked me to create my perfect florida room (basically a room that encapsules floridian vibes), i wholeheartedly agreed! what a fantastic way to add bring some paradise into your busy, everyday life, as well as your home.  

images source:  design*sponge

images source: design*sponge

my dream florida room would have a very bohemian vibe. (see the two images from D*S above!) think plants, colorful rugs, pompoms, and dreamy colors. in my inspiration board, i included just a few things that i though captured the essence of my hypothetical florida room. 

  1. vintage rug // coco carpets
  2. white living room // designlovefest
  3. pom pom baskets // MEUS shop
  4. throw pillows // UO // 1 +

what would be your dream florida room? what room of the house would you make it? mine would most definitely be the living room - a nice, open, airy, white room with big french doors that let in the outside breeze... i can see it now. if you'd like more information about florida rooms or elliman real estate, head to their website to check it out!