beautifully wrapped presents are always in season. mother's day is right around the corner, + preparations are already starting to begin! it's never early to start collecting presents, or to start wrapping them. pinpaper press, a customizable wrapping paper company specializing in turning your pinterest boards, facebook albums, + more into sheets of paper! you might remember the post i did with them back around christmas --- well, i loved their stuff so much i agreed to do another. they had to twist my arm a bit, but i obliged. ;) keep scrolling for a coupon code off of your own order! 

this sheet of paper is actually from my "planted." pinterest board --- i LOVE being able to see all the gorgeous photos physically on one sheet together. i was a little unsure of what to print for a "mother's day themed" sheet of wrapping paper, but i thought the plants + flowers looked really good, especially for the spring season. [i love how it looks so much i might just hang one up on my wall!] if you've got an album of photos or a board of pins you'd like to print out with pinpaper, use the code MOLLY15 for 15% off your whole order. happy almost mother's day + happy wrapping! 

mothers pinpaper-44.jpg

post + images by molly garvin

use MOLLY15 for 15% off your order at


gift guide no. 2 is here, thanks to my sister claire! there are so many great tech gifts out there this christmas season, and she's rounded up some of the best. i've been looking for a good neon sign myself + this one from etsy is too good. see the first gift guide [for the world traveler] here!

copper firefly lights: add a gentle glow to any room.

floral phone case: let's be honest, it's always with you, so why not have add some color?!

tassel charging cord: when you need a power-up on the go!

kate spade smart watch: i think that's all we need to say.

pink neon sign: bring those good vibes into your life!

bronze audio pillar: connect your phone, play music, + more from the most gorgeous speaker ever.

over-the-ear headphones: perfect for personal jam-outs - we feel ya! 

thanks sis for rounding up some great gifts! stay tuned for the last few guides, coming later this week. happy shopping!



T+T world traveler gift guide 2016.jpg

i've said it before and i'll say it again - i'm a preeeety terrible gift giver. i'm ashamed to say it, but it's true! i always wait until the last minute to buy a gift for those on my list, and i feel like i can never find anything good. so, in order to help myself + those like me, i've once again curated some holiday gift guides! [click here to see last year's collections] 

city prints: document where you've been + where you'll be.

steamer carry-on: a suitcase as cute as the clothing it holds.

golden drop bottle: don't let that airline altitude leave you parched!

rifle paper co. phone case: lets your phone stay safe but stylish.

portable charging cable: keep said phones charged up + ready to snap that instagram-worthy photo at any moment!

leather backpack: the perfect carry-on for the plane + the best bag for your adventures.

holographic passport case: flash that pass + cross that border, sistah!

stay tuned to see the next few guides, coming soon! good luck + happy shopping, friends!


we've all been there. (and don't tell me you haven't!) it's the day before your best so + so's birthday and you've been so busy you forgot to get them a present, let alone a card. enter: the emergency card kit by the witty gritty paper co! there in a pinch when you need it most, and seriously so cute. 

meredith, one half of TWGPC, sent me a kit and i can't wait until the next time i need to send a card. the cards have the most unique designs, and the kits also come with matching envelopes, seals, and a pen! in order to ensure that you're never left in a card-less situation yourself, the witty gritty paper co has graciously agreed to give one very lucky T+T follower $25 dollars to their shop! not only do they have card kits for every occasion, they have the cutest post-it notes, art prints, and any other stationary product you can think of! enter through the rafflecopter below, and for extra entries, head to my instagram! good luck!

post + images by molly garvin


i'll admit it. i'm a terrible gift giver. it's always helpful when my favorite website or blog comes up with a gift guide to fit your specific recipient - it kinda takes the work and stress out of finding the perfect present! with father's day coming up, i thought i'd round up some gifts for all the dads out there. to me, it's always hard to shop for my father, but with the help of wewood - an eco-friendly brand focused on bettering the environment - and my own dad, i've curated a handful of gifts to ease any tensions that may arise in the next few weeks!

  1. for the eco-conscious dad: wewood crux iroko crema sunglasses and kappa nut watch
  2. for the clean shaven dad: a shave kit subscription
  3. for the outdoorsy dad: personalized BBQ tool kit
  4. for the thirsty dad: stanley insulated growler and whiskey rocks

once again, i'm no expert on gift giving, but i do know a good brand when i see one. wewood's motto is "you buy a wewood, we plant a tree", and they're not only constructed from 100% natural wood, but the products are great. i'm sure any father in your family will love a gift from wewood, and by using the code WWFD16, you get free shipping and a free pin tool that allows them to resize their watch at home! head to their website and have a look around! happy gifting!