gift guide no. 2 is here, thanks to my sister claire! there are so many great tech gifts out there this christmas season, and she's rounded up some of the best. i've been looking for a good neon sign myself + this one from etsy is too good. see the first gift guide [for the world traveler] here!

copper firefly lights: add a gentle glow to any room.

floral phone case: let's be honest, it's always with you, so why not have add some color?!

tassel charging cord: when you need a power-up on the go!

kate spade smart watch: i think that's all we need to say.

pink neon sign: bring those good vibes into your life!

bronze audio pillar: connect your phone, play music, + more from the most gorgeous speaker ever.

over-the-ear headphones: perfect for personal jam-outs - we feel ya! 

thanks sis for rounding up some great gifts! stay tuned for the last few guides, coming later this week. happy shopping!