i'm super excited to announce that i am the new blogger for the lifestyle shop, MEUS! marichelle, the curator and owner, created MEUS a few years ago, and it had bloomed into something amazing. each and every product sold is selected to fit the MEUS brand, and they're all beautiful pieces. to kick off the launch of the new blog, i've created a little DIY that you can check out over on the MEUS blog


last saturday was one of the few slow saturdays i've had this year. when my schedule seems to slow down, i jump on the chance to create. my most recent labor of love is this plant hanger, + i'm a little bit in love with it. it's so simple to make + it looks so gorgeous, i just had to share! 

INSTRUCTIONS for the planter

  • cut 6 (or 12 if you're using two colors) strings per color of yarn at your desired lengths (i made mine about 2 feet)
  • take three strings in the same color, string on a few beads, tie a knot about three inches from the top, and braid the strands together, leaving some string unbraided. (you'll end up having four braided strands with about a half a foot of string left on the bottom.)
  • tie the tops and the bottom together, leaving the extra string hanging down from the bottom knot.

SUPPLIES for the planter

  • yarn in two or four colors
  • wooden beads
  • scissors
  • tape
beaded yarn hanger-3.jpg

i loved the way the planted ended up looking, + i think the gray and cream strings make the green and terra cotta really stick out. i moved it around the house to see where it fit best, + ended up pinning it to the ceiling above a shelf in my bedroom. what about you? are you big on plants? my personal life motto is "the more plants the better" or something like that. :) enjoy your new plant hanger!


right AFTER easter last year, i stumbled upon one of the most unique egg dyeing techniques i had ever seen, and totally wanted to try it out. but, easter was over. fast forward one year, i finally got to give it a go. 

INSTRUCTIONS for the project

  • cut just the silk part out of your tie and wrap the outside in so that the most vibrant side touches the egg and secure it with a rubber band (try to get as much of the egg in contact with the fabric as possible)
  • wrap the egg again, this time in a piece of your cotton fabric
  • place it in the boiling water for about a half hour to ensure that the dye transfers well enough
  • remove, let cool, and your little guys are ready to go!

SUPPLIES for the project

  • various 100% silk ties
  • scissors
  • eggs (white work the best)
  • cotton fabric
  • rubberbands
  • pot of boiling water
silk egg dyeing-7.jpg

they didn't turn out as well as i had hoped, but it's mainly because i didn't do a good enough job in trying to get all the egg in contact with the fabric. but for a first attempt, i think it ended up ok! what's the craziest egg diy you've ever seen? i wanna know, peeps! (easter pun intended :) happy good friday!

"we're a perfect match" | matchbox valentine printable

valentine's day has always been a weird holiday for me to celebrate. i've only been alive for seventeen of them, and my main association with the day is decorated shoeboxes and candy from walgreens. (throwback to elementary school, what what!) i can remember opening up my box and going through all the valentines from my fellow classmates - the funny ones were always my favorite. this year, i decided to make my own ironic valentine and channel my energy into a creating a cute and simple valentine printable, that has nothing to do with cheap candy or sparkly cardboard.

i had gotten a bunch of vintage matchboxes a few months ago, and needed to put them to good use. a few minutes of brainstorming and messing around on photoshop, the simple, corny, vintage, and (you have to admit) cute valentine was born. click here to download the printable!

wouldn't these little babies be the perfect galentine's party handout? what's your opinion on valentine's day? do you love a classic punny valentine, a box of chocolates, or prefer to just turn to your OG bae netflix? hahah, i want to know!


the weather here in chicago has been crazy indecisive lately. it'l be below 31 degrees one day, with frost all over the grass, my car, everything. then the day after, it's 60 degrees and rainy! all this changing weather leaves my skin and lips really dry. which leads me to my lip scrub diy! not only does it smell (and taste) really good, but it really works too!

INSTRUCTIONS for the scrub

  • combine coconut oil and both sugars in a medium bowl. (i found its easier to use your hands)
  • add the tablespoon of peppermint oil and mix with a spoon
  • add the rosemary and mix until it's all evenly combined
  • place into jars and cover

INGREDIENTS for the scrub

  • one cup granulated sugar
  • one cup brown sugar
  • about one cup coconut oil
  • one tablespoon agave nectar (or honey for a stickier mixture)
  • 1 tablespoon peppermint oil
  • rosemary (as much or as little as desired)
rosemary peppermint lip scrub-8.jpg

i found that it's alot easier to mix the oil and sugars with your hands for a more even combination

i've used it myself, and it really works! the mint leaves a tingly feeling and the coconut oil really helps to moisturize and soothe dry lips. it's perfect to make for the new year and for the rest of the winter. it also makes great gifts fir any late holiday parties you might be attending! here's to soft lips and a happy new year!