"we're a perfect match" | matchbox valentine printable

valentine's day has always been a weird holiday for me to celebrate. i've only been alive for seventeen of them, and my main association with the day is decorated shoeboxes and candy from walgreens. (throwback to elementary school, what what!) i can remember opening up my box and going through all the valentines from my fellow classmates - the funny ones were always my favorite. this year, i decided to make my own ironic valentine and channel my energy into a creating a cute and simple valentine printable, that has nothing to do with cheap candy or sparkly cardboard.

i had gotten a bunch of vintage matchboxes a few months ago, and needed to put them to good use. a few minutes of brainstorming and messing around on photoshop, the simple, corny, vintage, and (you have to admit) cute valentine was born. click here to download the printable!

wouldn't these little babies be the perfect galentine's party handout? what's your opinion on valentine's day? do you love a classic punny valentine, a box of chocolates, or prefer to just turn to your OG bae netflix? hahah, i want to know!