right AFTER easter last year, i stumbled upon one of the most unique egg dyeing techniques i had ever seen, and totally wanted to try it out. but, easter was over. fast forward one year, i finally got to give it a go. 

INSTRUCTIONS for the project

  • cut just the silk part out of your tie and wrap the outside in so that the most vibrant side touches the egg and secure it with a rubber band (try to get as much of the egg in contact with the fabric as possible)
  • wrap the egg again, this time in a piece of your cotton fabric
  • place it in the boiling water for about a half hour to ensure that the dye transfers well enough
  • remove, let cool, and your little guys are ready to go!

SUPPLIES for the project

  • various 100% silk ties
  • scissors
  • eggs (white work the best)
  • cotton fabric
  • rubberbands
  • pot of boiling water
silk egg dyeing-7.jpg

they didn't turn out as well as i had hoped, but it's mainly because i didn't do a good enough job in trying to get all the egg in contact with the fabric. but for a first attempt, i think it ended up ok! what's the craziest egg diy you've ever seen? i wanna know, peeps! (easter pun intended :) happy good friday!