last saturday was one of the few slow saturdays i've had this year. when my schedule seems to slow down, i jump on the chance to create. my most recent labor of love is this plant hanger, + i'm a little bit in love with it. it's so simple to make + it looks so gorgeous, i just had to share! 

INSTRUCTIONS for the planter

  • cut 6 (or 12 if you're using two colors) strings per color of yarn at your desired lengths (i made mine about 2 feet)
  • take three strings in the same color, string on a few beads, tie a knot about three inches from the top, and braid the strands together, leaving some string unbraided. (you'll end up having four braided strands with about a half a foot of string left on the bottom.)
  • tie the tops and the bottom together, leaving the extra string hanging down from the bottom knot.

SUPPLIES for the planter

  • yarn in two or four colors
  • wooden beads
  • scissors
  • tape
beaded yarn hanger-3.jpg

i loved the way the planted ended up looking, + i think the gray and cream strings make the green and terra cotta really stick out. i moved it around the house to see where it fit best, + ended up pinning it to the ceiling above a shelf in my bedroom. what about you? are you big on plants? my personal life motto is "the more plants the better" or something like that. :) enjoy your new plant hanger!