okay, so.... if you follow me on instagram, then you probably saw that i was asked to attend one of macy's asian pacific american heritage month + share a little bit about how i use IG + stories to document food! i was super excited to participate, + got started preparing my presentation, printed business cards, example photos, things to display on the table, etc! duuuuude, i was so pumped. but, when i got to macy's, the ladies in charge had no. idea. what i was talking about. long story short, there was a corporate miscommunication with the big guys in NYC + the people running the show here in chicago. i was crushed, to say the least. but, i was in the city --- i decided to pick myself up, make lemonade out of these really sour lemons that were tossed my way, + did a little bit of retail therapy. =) also, i decided i'm going to share 2 of my tips with you guys. okay, here we go! 

macys presentation-2.jpg

one of my biggest talking points was to always photograph in natural light. some light setups can make food look really good, but they can be really expensive. taking a picture of your donuts near a window will bring out the colors of your rainbow sprinkles. =) all of my most liked photos of food on instagram were taken in natural light. 

i also made a little list of my favorite editing tools that really help enhance my photos. vsco + pictapgo are my favorite apps to use on my phone, and i love lightroom with ABM + vsco presets. they add just a little extra color, enhancement, + depth to the photos, as well as allow you to create a cohesive brand + feed!

some of my other tips included posting at specific times, uploading pre-edited photos to instagram stories, and more! 

i am pretty disappointed that it didn't workout in the end, but i'm happy i got the opportunity to prepare for this event + to share some of my tips with you guys. thanks for being so supportive + for following along. i'm thankful for you guys! also, let's remember to make an effort to turn all our sour lemons into lemonade. happy food photographing!