hey friends! so, i've been a little MIA in regards to the personal-esque posts, so i thought i'd drop in any say hello, tell ya i did a few cool things - ya know, the usual. =) first off, i went to prom! i'm not one to get super dolled up or spend hours on my hair + makeup, but i love dancing [please invite me to your wedding - but only if it has a dance floor!]. my cousin katie twisted up my hair, my sister claire dusted my eyelids with sparkles, and we triple tag-teamed the rest of the beauty prep. i spent hours taking photos with my closest friends, switched my heels out for adidas, and enjoyed my prom night like a typical high school senior! after recuperating from a long night [+ morning], claire, katie, + i ran errands, shopping and prepping for my graduation party we were hosting the next day. [which i'll have a post alllll about soon! plus a video! stay tuned =) ] after the festivities ended and sunday rolled around, i walked across that stage in my blue + gold and became an alumnus of the school i had attended for the past four years! graduation still doesn't feel real! i'm off to california at the end of the summer, but that's for another life update. peace out!