i'm currently four for four with belated fourth of july posts, but who even cares anyway! seriously, this holiday has quickly been making it's way to the top of my "favorite holidays" list + i'm not mad. there's just something about family + food + fireworks + festivities on the lake that can't be beat. [plus amazing sparkler photos --- keep scrolling to see them!]

i have been addicted to lacroix lately [like drinking 3+ a day...] + am feeling really validated because it has exposed that it is in fact pronounced LAH-croy. thank you very much, all of you who pronounced it LUH-QUA. ;)

i had been trying to make these watermelon stars for years now, + i finally executed it! i loved how they turned out + they were a hit at our big family picnic! [case in point below!]

the fourth 2017-20.jpg

after the family picnic wound down + everyone started to settle in for fireworks, we watched the sun go down + the sky transform into a gorgeous painted canvas!

this year's round of sparkler photos KILLS me. definitely my favorite batch, ever! 

cheers to you if you cared enough to read this post, ten days late! i'm probably the only one who will read this, as i'm scrolling through the blog archives in a few years --- so, hey future me! crack open a lacroix [gurl i know ur still addicted] + let the memories come flooding back. peace!!